Monday, September 17, 2012

Presley is 7 months

Presley Kate is 7 months old! The months just keep flying by us~she will be ONE before I know it :( She turned 7 mo on the 12th & hasn't looked back! I am taking her probably on Friday to get the rest of her flu shot & a weight check. At her 6 mo appt she was 13 lbs 8 oz & doc said she needed to gain some weight. Sister was 13 lbs 9 oz at 6 mo & her doc said the same thing. I'm guessing she is at 15lbs now because her feeding schedule has been similar to this:
7:30am- rice cereal & 4oz bottle
10:30am-5oz bottle
1:30pm- 50z bottle
4:30pm- 50z bottle
6:30pm-veggie or a fruit
7:00pm- 4oz bottle
Now that we are finishing peaches, we will be finished with trying out all the foods to make sure she isn't allergic to any of them :) And I think we will be moving up to the stage 2 foods.
She has started dancing & shakin her little booty! It's the cutest thing :) There doesn't even have to be music playing.
She is in size 6 mo clothes (some 6-9) & size 2 diapers.
She's all over the floor & crib when she's laying down but no crawling yet! I suspect she will be an army crawler like her sissy was.
And still 0 teeth!
But she does great at holding her own bottle :)

Kinley just LOVES her some Presley! She tells me all the time "I'm so glad I had a baby sister!!" I hope they continue to be best friends :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Birthday Weekend

This past weekend Jeffrey & I headed to San Antonio for my birthday. We left the kids with the grandparents (our first full weekend away from Presley) & headed south. Saturday for lunch we stopped in Marble Falls to eat at the River City Grille. It sits on Lake Marble Falls & it's so relaxing & has a very pretty view while you eat lunch! We ate there on our way to Fredericksberg on our 5th anniversary trip so we make a stop there when we go that way.
After our arrival to the Riverwalk we checked in & I took a nap (score) while Jeffrey took his shower & got dressed for the evening. We sat at the hotel bar (stayed at the Rivercenter Marriot) & watched the Rangers play & then headed out to dinner. It was a Holiday weekend so the Riverwalk was packed! Every place was an hour or more wait so when we came upon this place that had no wait we took it! It was called Ibiza... & now we know why they had no wait! I'll just say the queso was good :)
Sunday we did some more eating at Maria Mia (SO good) & did some shopping at the mall. Then did the Ripley's wax museum. We've done it before but we thought what the heck!? I made a cool CLAW wax hand :)
Later that night we had reservations for Fogo De Chao. Neither of us had ever been before & have heard great reviews ~ & it being my birthday dinner from the hubs we wanted it to be nice :) It was really neat & we loved the food & atmosphere!
After dinner we spent the rest of the night at Pat O'briens piano bar. It was so much fun & was better to me than Howl at the Moon bc it was FREE to get in & they had A/C :) They also had live music outside on the patio.

Ready for birthday dinner!
Cheers to 29!