Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!

We hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving Day.
Just say a few prayers for those troops who can't be with their families today.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Disney on Ice: Princess Wishes

We took Kinley to see Disney on Ice today & it was a very good show! We went with Cammy & the girls, Emily & Nana.

I picked this shirt out for Kinley~ I just knew she would love it & she did! They had alot of them that seemed to be cuter as far as colors but I knew I had to get Belle!
The girls getting their loot!
SO excited :)

Here comes Aladdin!
Too funny!

Beauty & The Beast (minus the Beast- we are still confused about that one)..

The Little Mermaid

The whole gang

The finale was pretty awesome. They raised Tinkerbell up in the carriage & shot off fireworks~Kinley loved it!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Bedroom Remodel~part 1

Sorry I am so late on posting these pictures!
We are still not finished (need new letters on the wall & valance) but here are pics of what we have so far:

Moving furniture to paint

It's PiNk!!!

The in-laws helping with chair rail

The almost finished product~her new letters are going to hang over her bed again.
And the valance will also be the giraffe print! It's on backorder & won't be here until FEBRUARY :(
Oh & no the tie backs for the curtains will not be tied back with a it was for picture taking purposes only :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I know I am really behind on blogging. We have been really busy getting Kinleys "big girl" room put together. Which included painting & adding chair bed..the works!
I will post pictures HOPEFULLY tonight but it just might be tomorrow night since none of our shows are on Wed nights :) Have a great week everyone!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Opening Deer Season

My nephew Dylan got the 1st buck of the season!

Happy Huntin' Y'all!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I'm Thankful For...

As you all know, Thanksgiving is quickly approaching! I LOVE the Holidays & can't wait for them to be here! I just wanted to do an "I'm Thankful for.." post. These are just the top 12 (bc I couldn't do just 10) in no particular order:

1. Obviously Kinley & Jeffrey~ as I would be lost without them!
2. Our wonderful families
3. Great friends
4. The roof over our heads & food in our bellies
5. Our jobs (even tho the construction at mine is unbearable at times!)
6. Our health (even tho Kinley is always sick- it could be alot worse)
7. My Colts
8. Texas Rangers
9. Dierks Bentley
10. Our freedom!
11. Black Friday Shopping (can't wait!!!!)
12. My sister being able to have a baby! Can't wait to get my hands on Miss Macy!!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!~!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween

Halloween wasn't that great this year. There were so many other things going on that we didn't get that into it. And neither did Kinley! She didn't enjoy herself very much this year. But that's ok..there is always next year!

Here is a walk down Halloween memory lane...

Her 1st Halloween (2 weeks old)
2nd Halloween (1 yr old)
3rd Halloween (2 yrs old)
4th Halloween (3 yrs old)
Her best bud Skye..I have a feeling these 2 will have many more Halloween's together!!