Tuesday, September 28, 2010

State Fair

This past weekend we drove to Dallas & stayed with Cammy & the gang! We had plans to take the girls to the State Fair but it had been storming all day so we weren't 100% sure that we were going!
It finally cleared up so we headed that way about 4 or 5. It was pretty crowded but we finally found a parking spot & got in! The girls LOVED the rides & hated to leave!

We found Big Tex at the very last~I promised Kinley we would! He wasn't talking tho & Kin was a tad scared of the big cowboy.
The very 1st ride~everyone loved it!
This was just the cutest thing! All smiles!

Papa & Nana gave Kinley some money to get herself something while we were there. So she picked this PURPLE light up princess cowgirl hat! Purple is her favorite color these days :)
She had won those 2 bears in her hand at a game of DUCKS lol
Last ride of the night..she had a ball on this one!
Kaylee & Jenna at the petting zoo
Baby Giraffe
Kinley feeding the goats
Alpacas with some wild hair cuts (TINA, EAT THE FOOD!!)
Feedin the zebras
We wanted to ride the ferris wheel~but it was 12 TICKETS PER PERSON!!
Heading home ;)

*Thanks for letting us stay, Cammy! We had a great time & Kinley enjoyed playing with Kaylee & Jenna!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Shower for Macy

On Saturday the 18th we had a shower to welcome little miss Macy! My sister ended up with a ton of stuff! Mom went back home with her..with not only my sisters car loaded down but also my moms! I am secretly glad I'm not there to help unload it all (ha-just kiddin)!
She had a wonderful turn out & everyone enjoyed themselves!
I have quite a few pictures, enjoy!

The cake :)

Candy jars I "slaved" over!!
Her tutu centerpiece

I put these vases together for the tables~thought they turned out pretty cute!
My mom-in-law & I made her door hanger for the hospital. It's hard to see her name up top but it's there! Left some room on 2 of the ribbons for her delivery date & weight..
The clothesline & some of the gifts

Miss Priss ready to get into those presents!
Mom & Sis

The hostesses minus 2

Heather, Gi, Emily & Kinley
As you know, my sister & I are picture freaks & have the same camera.. so this onesie was only fitting!
My favorite outfit of them all..

Can't wait to meet you Macy Nicole!! Hurry up & get here so Kinley can finally "pet" you :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Proud to be a Bear

Most of you already know that I work for Baylor University. And most everyone knows it is also private Baptist institution. I may not have attended school here, but I wanted to express how proud I am to work here. Take today for example: we had our annual fall staff forum where all staff who can attend will go & listen to the President, the VP of Human Resources, our CFO & some others talk about how we are doing this fiscal year & things pertaining to staff. It is usually started off by prayer but this year seemed different to me. I think alot of it has to do with our nation going in the direction it is.. no prayer in school, no pledge of allegiance in school, no SYATP, no ANYTHING about God or basically any pride for America is allowed anywhere anymore bc it might "offend" someone. This country was founded by men of strong religion & pride for their country. Why can't we still hold those same values PUBLICLY? So today when the prayer was said I just thought to myself "I am so glad to work at a place where you are allowed to do this sort of thing & not have people get in an uproar about it!!!!!"
I know it bugs my hubs & it really worries me about what the textbooks will say when Kinley is in school. Everything has to be so 'PC' these days that it's just sad. I am very excited that she will attend Baylor University!
Sic 'em Bears!

Monday, September 13, 2010


So apparently my blog layout had "timed out"- leaving me with an exceeded bandwidth layout :(
I worked & worked on it & it just got crazy messed up! I've never had these problems before with the design part of it~ so if it looks out of sorts just ignore it :/

Friday, September 3, 2010

Planet Hollywood

Just a few pictures of our hotel..

I got this 1st pic from the internet but this spot was amazing. The ball turned colors continuously.

Out by the pool..
View of City Center from our hotel.

Vegas Vacation

WOW did we have some fun this time in Vegas! We got there Sunday morning at like 8:30. Originally we were not suppose to get there until around 3:30pm but a week before we left we changed the flight times so we could have a whole day on Sunday.
It was worth it bc we STILL didn't get to do everything we wanted to do!
Since we arrived so early we could not check in until 1pm. We left our bags with the hotel & went in search of FOOD :) We went over to Mandalay Bay to eat at House of Blues. After that we did some gambling there & then went back to our hotel to check in.

Us at House of Blues
After check in we just walked around the hotel to see where everything was and later on went to New York New York!

The wall of hands outside our hotel..
I had to touch Brucey's hands :) We had just missed him, Sylvester & Jason Stathem- they were there a couple weeks earlier for the premier of 'The Expendables'
The guys
Statue of Liberty made of Jelly Beans!
After NYNY we walked over to the Bellagio to see the fountains. I have been to Vegas 4 times prior and NEVER got to watch them. I was one happy camper!

Monday we went down to the Circus Circus area to play at SLOTS-A-FUN!!
We passed the Wynn & other hotels along the way..

SLOTS-A-FUN!! We sat at the Roulette table for an hour! 50 cent buy- ins LOL! I got in with 20 bucks and cashed out with $50!

That night we changed & then went to Harrah's Carnival Court. It was so much fun~in fact I think we had the best time there. Sat back and listened to the band play for a few hours.
The band~ the 'Spazmatics'
We met Edward on the way back :)

Tuesday we went over to the Palms Casino. . my picture of the hotel didn't turn out but all you have to do is imagine a tower with a big playboy bunny on it.. lol! Then we went to the Venetian/Palazzo to shop & gamble!

That night we went out for our nice dinner. We actually stayed in our hotel and went to the Strip House! Hehe, it was a fantasic steak house that was worth every penny. We got all dressed up and just had fun on our last night!

Me & Cammy
Poor Alex lost his money! The slots didn't like him & he didn't like them ;-)

I have to share.. I have NEVER had any nice sunglasses before. I think the most I have ever spent on a pair was $10.
So while me & cammy were shopping at the Venetian we spotted these beauties! I fell in love..and I still had birthday money left so I splurged :) We'll see how long they last!

Between the Vegas trip and the glasses~I had one GREAT birthday! Already can't wait to go back!