Monday, July 29, 2013

Kinley sings at church

Kinley attended VBS at our church last week. She had a BALL. I've never seen her so excited EVERY DAY & in such a great mood. She was sad to go back to Pre-K this morning!

Here is a short video of the kids singing! The first video I got she was too shy to do anything. Thankfully she started doing the motions here but wasn't singing. She sang it all at home tho! :D

She's behind the little girl who is wearing orange in front.

And here she is after church.. looking 15 instead of 5.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ranger Game

YES another Ranger game post! What can I say, we love our Rangers!
This was actually for my father in law. We all pitched in & got him tickets for the game for his Fathers Day present. They left for their cruise this weekend so we wanted to get something where we could all go together before they left. 
He surprised us with a cool limo to take us in :D 
We got lucky~ out seats were in the shade. Thank goodness bc it was a 2pm game in July! Made all the difference, especially with Kinley!

Dylan & his friend Sam in front of the limo
Kids in the limo, ready to go!
Kinley loves the Ballpark! Like mother like daughter!
Kids got free Texas build a bears at this game!

Me & my love in the Captain Morgans club
Me & my other love :D
After some appetizers at the Capt. Morgans club we ran down to try to get autographs. Yu Darvish was signing but took off right after I took this picture :(

We were able to get Tanner Scheppers autograph after I pushed my way thru the crowd with Kinley :P

"Ranger" at the game

Kinley & her sign!
Go Rangers!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Boy band concert

Friday night me & the girls went to see Boyz II Men, 98 Degrees & New Kids on the Block!!
It was wonderful. Fun was had by all!!
Boyz II Men were our favorites. They handed out roses to the girls in front & had petals dropped from the ceiling. We were disappointed tho bc they only sang for like 15 mins :( 
Donny (from NKOTB) made out with a girl in the front row (kinda weird) & they brought 4 girls up on stage & sang to them. Sigh. 
We had one heck of a time & I am SO glad we went!!! 
What a bummer tho.. no song all together or encore. Ah well ;)

Ran into a sweet friend from high school :)
Singing "I'm down on bended knee!"

Nick Lachey from 98 degrees

My phone died before the concert was over so I didn't get any more pictures of NKOTB :/ Next time.....!!