Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas morning part 1

Christmas morning finally arrived! Santa came & left Kinley some cool gifts! She had a blast opening everything & she even ate the rest of Santa's cookies that he left! I don't know where we are going to put everything!

Running to see what all Santa left her...

She liked her Dora chair!
Loves the Elmo slippers

Peekin in her stocking
Ha Santa left her these punch balloons in her stocking, I was filling it up
but it put more air in my cheeks than I put in the balloon!
I got Jeffro this t-shirt that says 'Big Game Season'

We had a very good Christmas morning & Kinley is still talking about it!
Up next: Christmas morning @ Aunt Weezers

Christmas Eve part 2

After everyone left our house we headed over to Aunt Weezers for more Christmas Eve fun! We had sandwich trays & snack foods..& made cookies for Santa. We always watch Christmas Vacation on this night as well! It does get harder to watch tho now that Kinley is older & we have to keep a constant eye on her!

This would be my crazy father in the snow! Only in Texas!

I got Jeffrey this 'bad Christmas sweater' t-shirt from Tar-jay! It was quite hilarious!
Kinley giving me some icing!
After we got home we let Kinley check the Norad tracker to see where Santa was! She hit the sack after that!

Up next: Christmas morning!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas Eve part 1

Christmas Eve was so fun this year~I think the fact that it actually snowed made it even better! It snowed pretty much all day, it just didn't stick!
We had Auntie M, Jessika, David, Skye, Karen & Gary over to exchange gifts & just hang out. Kinley loves Skye & just wants her in her lap all the time!

Us in the snow!
Us & our girls!

Kinley helping 'Jekkila'open Skye's gift..

Kinley opening her gift!

Karen & Gary brought Kinley a gift with a big green & white lollipop on it!

Of course she HAD to have it right then!
It's Christmas~what the hay! Made for a cute picture :)

They also gave Skye this cute little monkey!
Sweet Skye bear
Up next: Christmas Eve at Aunt Weezers (my sis in law)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


We ended up going to the Gaylord anyway!
Kinley stayed with Nana.. & Jeffrey & I headed up there Tuesday afternoon. We hated to leave Kinley since the whole reason we booked it was for her. But we didn't feel like wasting the money since it was already too late to cancel.
We didn't go to the ICE thing tho, we said we weren't going to do it without her!
After we checked in we went over to the Grapevine Mills Mall ~shopped a little & ate dinner at the Rainforest Cafe. Then we took a stroll down Main Street- but we left the camera :(
It was sooo cute & I can't wait for Kinley to see it next year!
We went back to the hotel & walked around for a while & took some pics. .

And I seriously need to STOP wearing this shirt now! I think every time I take a picture I am wearing this shirt! I was actually wearing something different the entire day & changed when we came back to the hotel from eating & walking around Main St bc I was uncomfortable! lol wrong choice!

A Goodfellas Christmas

My father in law is part of a special group of guys in Waco. They are called the Waco Goodfellas & their main goal each year is to help kids keep believing in Santa Claus.
Jeffrey runs the website & we take in submissions & try to help as many families as possible. All the families picked are going through hard times & can't afford to give their kiddos the Christmas they deserve.
This year my father in law sponsored 10 families! TEN! He got his kleenex box ready & went to each house to talk with the family & see what they might want Santa to bring them. Then we head to Wal-Mart & buy up the store! I shopped for 1 sweet family & it is so cool to watch those little ones meet Santa & open the gifts I (I mean Santa) picked out for them!
It is a great organization with some great guys helping kids believe in Ol Saint Nick!

Bikes for each of the kids who were old enough..

We had Waco FD out to help us welcome Santa..

My father in laws families were all from the Copperas Cove area so he gets them here in style :)
Santa also arrives in style! The elves are currently working on his sleigh..
I think this was the most AWESOME feeling of the whole day. Those kids were SO excited- it was just precious.
Our local DJ from Waco100 is also a part of the event. He announced all the families to come up & sit with Santa..
The family I bought for

This little sweetie pie LOVED her gift so much!

This lady was so excited that Zack was going to be there & she just wanted to meet him!
Me & my father in law
Celebrating another success!
The Goodfellas!

So glad I got to be a part of this years event. It was so heart~warming & felt so good to know that we all helped those kids have the Christmas they otherwise wouldn't have had.

Merry Christmas Y'all!!