Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sweet Girl

Kinley loves to wear my shoes..but she loves to wear my house shoes after bath time even more! Please excuse the mismatched PJ's..

I'm ready for my close up :)
This is another ritual of hers. She loves to look at our pictures..especially our honeymoon pictures!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blake Shelton

Last night we went to see Steel Magnolia, Easton Corbin & Blake Shelton! It was a GREAT concert & I am so glad we went! Steel Magnolia didn't sing very long at all- maybe 20-25 mins but MAN they were awesome!
Easton came out next- hubba hubba! He is the cutest thing in country music right now! Sorry, Dierks!
Blake came out last and he put on one heck of a show. He is quite the entertainer!!

Steel Magnolia..
Easton Corbin
Blake singing out in the audience..

They all came back out for a finale!
We sat in a box right next to the stage..and could see backstage very easily. This is Blake coming off the stage, and the girl from SM chit chattin..
Butt shot!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

PJ Day!

Kinley had pajama day at school today! She wore her pink Colts pj's and had the best time. She also had to bring a sack lunch..if that's what you want to call it, lol! All I've been able to get her to eat lately is cereal so .. cereal it was. I had to pack a bowl, a spoon, milk in an emptied out water bottle, dry cereal in a baggie and a yogurt. Couldn't have just had a lunchable! Oh well, whatever makes my baby happy!

I think she would make the cutest lil Colts cheerleader, don't you!?

Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Best Valentine's Day

WARNING: Long post :)

This Valentine's Day weekend was one of the best weekends I have had in a very long time! I surprised Jeffrey with his old blazer he had in high school. It was his very first car & I know for a fact there is not 1 friend of ours from HS that does not have a memory in this thing! Sounds silly but it was a staple in our relationship.. and just a big part of our adolescent years! Not a weekend went by that all of us weren't piled up in it listening to Rob Zombie, Korn or the Dixie Chicks! What a combination, right!?
Jeffrey sold it our Senior year of HS to get his beloved Mustang. His uncle bought it from him and he has had it ever since. His cousin drove it when he turned 16 but didn't exactly take care of it. It's had a new paint job :/ Had the 6in lift taken down to 4 :/ Speakers taken out :/ The "KC lights" taken off the top :/ And numerous other things changed :/ But overall, it's still our baby!

His uncle let me borrow it for the weekend to surprise Jeffrey with it & I am so glad he did!
We drove around Saturday evening & talked about old times. Drove past his old house where we "fought for the radio" & fell in love :) And then headed out to Gatesville to the Drive In Movie! We got some food & drinks & opened up the tailgate to watch the movie. We snuggled up together & really didn't even want to leave the place! When the movie was over we drove around some more & then checked into a hotel in G-ville.. but we sat in the back of the truck & listened to our old music & talked about our favorite memories for over an hour in the parking lot!
Even driving home was so full of memories bc the family deer lease is just outside of Gatesville & we have spent many a weekends out there. We were driving home one of those weekends (in HS) & the truck started smoking. I think we drove 5mph the whole way back & had to make a stop at Cammy's house when we got back into town to let her cool off! We even remembered the exact spot it started smoking! So funny what you can remember when you haven't thought about them in 12 yrs.
Bottom line- we love this thing. We want to buy it back someday. And fix it back to the way it used to look. We have so many memories in this thing & would love to make even more!

16 years old!
Alex :)
The 'new' Blazer.. completely different.
Jeffrey checking out what was
Lovin on his baby!
Man I wish I could find the picture from the old days that looks JUST like this.. I even remember what he was wearing in it!
At the drive in movie..
Yours truly..having the best night!
And last but not least.. we got Kinley's picture with it on Sunday & took her for a ride. Who would've ever thought 12 yrs later we would be driving our baby around in it :)

We also gave Kinley her Valentine presents yesterday..
She got a pillow pet, Cinderella snow globe & a big balloon!

Happy Valentine's Day Y'all!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Allergy/Asthma follow up

I took Kinley to her follow up appointment yesterday. We had to see the Nurse Practitioner who was just as good as the Doctor! We really do love this place.
She got a good report & was so sweet she got 2 suckers! Which she decided to eat at the same time :P
She is to still do her breathing treatment once a day. That will continue for a long time. Which is fine with me if it keeps the crud away from her. And will still continue to take Singulair & Nasonex. Just pray she stays well.. there is a case of the flu floating around in her room & the room next door. The joys of daycare.
She had sooo much fun with these! I think we need to get her some dinos for the house!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow much fun!

Friday morning we woke up to our own little winter wonderland!
It started snowing at 9pm the night before and did not stop till early Friday morning.
At 5:55am I noticed my cell phone was blinking at me so I jumped up HOPING it was a text message from Baylor saying they were closed .. sure enough I was right! Roads were pretty icy and there were numerous wrecks.
We let Kinley stay the night at my parents the night before bc I knew Baylor wouldn't close & I figured Kinley's school would. I was wrong! Jeffrey's work closed up at noon so we headed out to pick up her when he got off. I do NOT drive in this stuff!

Our home
Icy road out!
This was on Richie Rd heading to my moms..this car went off into the ditch & had some friends in a truck pulling him out..
Who wants to go for a dip!?
Kinley was excited to see us.. and we were ready to play in the snow with her!

All bundled up!

Making her a mini snowman

Posing with my "snowman"
Wish my eyes were made of nutter butters...

Hope everyone else had fun in the snow as well! We should be getting more icy weather on Wednesday!