Friday, June 25, 2010

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Summer Fun

We had so much fun last night playing in the back yard! Kinley got to play in the sprinklers (or "sprinkles" as she calls them!) & then we played on the slip~n~slide! Took Kinley a while to get on it but she finally did! She really just liked to spray us with the hose! more saggy bottom from a wet swim diaper!!

Happy Summer Everyone!~!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day

We had a pretty relaxing Father's Day this year. Saturday night we spent the night at my parents house bc my sister & Jeff were in town.
Sunday we all pretty much laid around & after lunch Jeffrey got to "open" his presents :)

Kinley & I got him a rustic cooler he has been wanting & a new camo folding chair!
He was surprised when he came outside!
Who wouldn't be after seeing this sweet little face smiling back at you :)

My 2 loves!
Then we headed back in to let PaPa open his gift.
We got him a camera to hook onto his laptop so we can all use Skype now!

Great family picture of us~minus mom :(
And Kinley wanted to get in on the picture taking as well...

After we were done at my parents we headed to Outback to eat with PawPaw & the fam.

He got some Longhorn gear from Heather & the kids..
And this 1st present from us is a big inside joke! It's HUGE clippers with an even bigger magnifying glass AND a light on them!
And we also got them a new coffee maker

PawPaw with the kids!

~Hope all the Daddies out there had a wonderful Father's Day~
Kinley loves her Daddy more than life itself! It's so very heartwarming to see them together :) We are so lucky to have him in our lives!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Camryn is ONE!

Me & Camryn on her birthday :)

It's hard to believe that ONE whole year has already passed since this sweetie was born!
We celebrated her 1st birthday on Saturday in Groesbeck.
Jeremy cooked us some hot dogs & the kids had a blast playing on the slip n slide & splashing in the little pool!

Kinley & Connor had fun throwing golf balls around..
Sweet Camryn..poor thing was already so tired before the party started!

Connor & Kinley patiently awaiting their cake!
Let's try this thing out..

Not likin the cake on her hands!
Ok, maybe this sugar thing isn't so bad after all :)
Pretty gifts!
I just love this picture..
Of course Kinners had to get in there & help her open!
After cake & presents the kiddos changed into their swimsuits & splashed around.
Kinley just dove in right off the bat...I think she was HOT!!
Having the best time

Can't wait to celebrate many more birthday's with you, Camryn! We love you!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Show Us Your Life- Proposal Story

Over at Kelly's Korner Blog~ every Friday she does a "show us your life" post and who ever wants to participate can. I usually just read everyone else's but today I thought this was a cute one so I'll participate :)

Show us your life- Proposal Story:
On Friday May 28, 2004 I got off work & went home (at the time I lived with Jessika @ the Depot apartments). Jeffrey told me he was going to take me somewhere nice for a date so I should get dressed. Soo I got dressed & Jessika was acting all crazy & giddy :P
Jeffrey had called back to tell me that he wasn't ready yet & to just meet him over at his parents house but give him a little bit to shower...
Little did I know~he was at his parents house(yes they were gone) cooking my favorite meal (chicken parmesan) and setting up this very special dinner for 2 ;)

(See the fake rose in the was holding my ring the hole time & I didn't even know it)
He was a MESS at dinner so I knew what was coming ;)
After we ate he was bringing dishes back & forth..drinking water like he was in the desert..bringing dishes back & forth..drinking water~you get the picture!!
Finally after 5 years of dating..he grabbed the rose & got down on one knee to pop the question! Of course I said yes & then called everyone I knew! That weekend we celebrated in San Antonio & went to Sea World.
A year & a week later we were married...& the rest is history :)