Thursday, March 31, 2011

Beach Babe

We are going to surprise Kinley with a weekend trip to the beach this summer! She got to spend about 30 minutes at the beach when she was just a year old (picture is above) and LOVED it. And when her cousins got to go over Spring Break and she didn't~she was so upset with us!! I'm also feeling a little guilty since we are cruising in 23 days (but who's counting??) without her so we decided we are going to surprise her :)
We are splitting a condo at Pointe West in Galveston with Jamie & Jeremy~Kinley is going to love having Connor & Camryn to play with on the beach!
They have a kids pool, lazy river, cafe, walking trails, private beach & shops at this place~SOLD!

So..let the new countdown begin! 72 days!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


We have decided to put our house up for sale. It's been talked about for a few months but we finally decided to just do it. We are hoping to get into a bigger place (and STAY for a long time!) after we sell ours. If you or anyone you know is in the market..please take a look :)
Here is the link~

All info is on there but if anyone would like more pictures, just ask!

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Kinley loves playing guitar with her Daddy..
I hope she really learns how to play it!

**Caution: Very messy playroom~we were playing hard!**

Monday, March 21, 2011

Bachelorette Fun!

Saturday night we went out on the town for Whitney's Bachelorette Party! We went up to Ft. Worth to the Stockyards & let loose! I always have a great time with these girls!

Laci, Courtney, Gina & Cammy
Laci & Carrie at dinner
This guy was sitting at the table next to us at dinner..he came over to the MOMS to ask where we were going next..don't you think he would've gone up to the BRIDE first? Haha!
Group shot.. Carrie, Courtney, Gina, Laci, Me, Cammy & the Bride to be..Whitney!

Congrats Whitney & Casey..very excited for y'all!!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

PawPaw's Birthday

A little late on posting this but PawPaw's birthday was March 5.. the day we came back from San Diego so I've been trying to catch up on pictures. We celebrated at none other than Outback!
Kinley is the birthday party-present opening QUEEN! She will open any kids presents or any of our presents too with no shame lol!

PawPaw w/ the grandkids

We have the best waitor who knows everything we want when we get there (we have been going to Outback every Sunday for like 10 yrs) and he always lets the kids go back to the kitchen with him to make ice cream. Kinley helped make PawPaw his birthday ice cream and she was sooo proud of you can see in her face here.......

Feeding PawPaw a cherry!

Hope you had a great birthday, PawPaw!! We love you very much!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Yesterday morning Alex headed back to California.
We went to to dinner with him on Thursday night & then he came back to the house & we watched Robin Hood: Men In of our staple movies!! None of us had laughed that hard in a looong time, it was much needed!! We had a good talk & enjoyed his company. He ended up crashing on the couch.. we haven't seen that sight in a while lol!
Sunday night after driving home from Houston he met us at Don Carlos for a few minutes to tell everyone goodbye. Again, I didn't have my camera so my phone was the next best thing.
We will miss him but we might get to see him again around the end of May. I think he gets phone calls on Sundays this time around?
Kinley didn't get to see him last Thursday night so she was really happy to see him. Monday morning she said "Alex going back on the plane to California?"
Blurry :(

We'll miss you 'Agalex'!!

Monday, March 14, 2011


This past weekend we took a trip down to Houston to visit Miss Macy!
We left friday at 4pm from Waco ... and didn't get to Houston until 10:15pm!! We stopped to eat dinner in Huntsville & then got stuck in bad traffic for 2 hrs! Kinley was DONE with the car ride!

But it was all worth it when we got there :) I FORGOT MY CAMERA tho so this is the only pic I got of my girl..sleeping! :(
We had a good time tho..even sold Jeffrey's truck to a dealership while we were there. Gotta pay off those credit cards somehow :)
Sat we took some pictures at their neighborhood pond & then that night we ate some yummy homemade fajitas!

Sunday afternoon on our way out we met up with Ashlee & Rylie for lunch at Rico's! The girls had alot of fun..wish I had a video camera of the "fiddle playing" Kinley was doing haha! There wasn't a dull moment at lunch with these girls!
Aren't they cute!?

After we got home we met the fam at another mexican food place (but we didn't eat)! Kinley's cousins had been in Corpus Christie for 4 days so she was excited to see them. Her and Emily spent the evening braiding hair and coloring! We also met Alex there.. but that is another post!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


San Diego was so beautiful! We can't wait to get back there & take Kinley to the zoo..Sea World & everything else it has to offer! I could so live there :)

So Thursday started out with a drive to DFW to catch our 10:40am flight. We got there about 30 minutes late but his family had JUST met up with him for the 1st we just kinda joined their little circle & Alex was talking. He looked at me & had to do a double take bc it really surprised him! He was so excited to see us as we were him!
He looks COMPLETELY different with a shaved head & about 40lbs lighter!
After catching up for a bit they had a lunch for the families at the Bay View Restaurant. And then we walked around the depot (MCRD = Marine Corp Recruit Depot) as well as the museum. Then we had to let him go for the night at about 4:30pm.
Hehe, he just wanted Reeces Pieces & M&Ms!
Changed into his "cammies" so we could see what he looked like in those..

And this is the Parade Deck. It is very sacred ground for the Marines so civilians are NOT allowed to step foot! This is where graduation was held.

Friday morning was graduation. We got there at 8:15am and it started at 10am. Thank goodness we listened & got there early bc there wasn't an empty seat in the house!

Their bags were all packed & ready to go by platoon #.. once grad was over they were free to go!

Me, before graduation
A snapshot into the barracks where they slept..

Couple of drill instructors
The Marine Corp Band..they were awesome!
There's Alex!! Front & center..
Middle row-back
Introducing Private First Class McAdoo!

So very proud of Alex! He has truly inspired us all. I am so glad we made the decision to go to his graduation because it was the most patriotic thing I have ever witnessed! I even got goosebumps & teared up a little. We are sad he is only home for 10 days before he has to go back..who knows when we will see him again! But thankfully he will be off doing something to make us all proud :) Semper Fi!