Sunday, October 28, 2012

Rylie's 5th!

On Saturday we attended Rylie's 5th birthday party! Our girls were born 3 days apart so we never get to attend each others parties! This year they planned on coming to Kinley's party until I had to cancel that morning. They couldn't make it the next weekend bc they were in DISNEY! We decided to make the trip Friday night for Rylie's party so we stayed with Auntie M & the girls had way too much fun! I think they were up till almost 11 ;) Saturday we went to the party & headed home! Rylie was pretty excited to see Kinley!
(For some reason I can't put these pictures in order- but it really doesn't matter!)

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party!

The sweet birthday girl! Lookin way too cute in her outfit :)

The cake Ashlee made

 Presley had THE BEST time on the swing!

Jeffrey snapped some pics of the fam when we got there.. but I stole this from Ashlee's blog ;)

Also stole this - finally a good pic of us 2!

Happy Birthday, Rylie! Hope you had a great time at your party! I'm really glad we got to come :D

Monday, October 22, 2012

Barbie Party

We finally got to have Kinley's birthday party yesterday! It was SO CUTE & much fun was had by all the princesses :) I must say this was the least stressful party I've ever had! 
It was at Sharkey's Cuts for Kids & they have a room in the back where the girls get their hair, makeup & nails done.. pick a dress out & have a fashion show! It was girly to the max :D

Kinda hated this room was painted green~made for some funky pictures!
But here is her gorgeous cake! I LOVED IT!

The party favors & a couple pictures of the birthday girl!
More party favors

Kinley after getting her makeup done!

Showing Presley her makeup!

LOVE. LOVE. LOVE. This picture is just way too cute! Emily, Kinley, Delaney & Skye
Kinley & Emily

Let the fashion show begin!

 All the girls had their own time up on the princess stool! The girl announced their name, favorite TV show, favorite color, favorite food & what they loved to do in free time. Kinley said Good Luck Charlie, pink, sandwiches & play with her cousins.

All the pretty princesses!!

 Skye having some fun!

 And I could just kick myself in the rear! I put these together (& paid for the picks) & what did I do? Left them at home. UGH. Oh well!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Birthday Girl!

Tuesday was Kinley's big day! I took off work & she played hooky from school :) We let her pick where she wanted to go all day~ I think she had fun! Daddy took off at lunch to enjoy the rest of the day with us. 

The night before I decorated her door ;) She woke up earlier than I expected so I missed her initial reaction but she came in our room & said I LOVE MY BALLOONS! 

We dropped Presley off at Nana's before meeting Daddy for lunch & got a couple pictures there..

And then the birthday girl picked BJ's for happy face potatoes & a pazookie :P She knows whats good!

We took her to see Frankenweenie. Probably should have opted for Hotel Transylvania (the last time we tried it was sold out at both theaters.. yes, in Waco, Tx). It was a little dark & scary for her but it was alright. Not one I would go buy or anything! They make the previews look so cute. 

And afterwards we took her to get her EARS PIERCED!!! She has been asking for a long time! Like a year- and every time she asked if it would hurt I'd say yes it will but not for long. And she would change her mind ;) But Tuesday was the day, she wanted to do it! She didn't shed a tear although she wanted to! I think she was too embarrassed to in front of the girl. She has cried when I clean them up until the last 2 times and she says they don't hurt anymore. So that is good news! She looks SO cute with them!

Her birthday spread. A little bummed we have to use the same cake twice since her party was rescheduled but whatever. More pics of the cake then ;)

She begged and begged me for a Dream Light.. 

 This is the present Presley got her ;)

 HA! My parents take her to Cracker Barrel sometimes on the weekends and she saw this dress there a few times. HAD to have it. My mom kept telling her no but I called my mom one night and told her "I hope you got this dang wedding dress bc she's going on and on and ON about it at home!" I even took a video of her ranting over it out of the blue one night. So.... here she is....

 Reminds me of "My Big Fat Greek Wedding!"

Happy Birthday Kinley Renee! We love you!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Kinley is FIVE!

Saturday was suppose to be Kinley's 5th birthday party. I had picked up the cake Friday night ( & OMG is it cute!) & had stayed up till midnight doing last minute details & making sure I had everything ready to go & had even packed up the car so I wouldn't have to be rushing around with both the girls Sat morning (party was at 11am) & risk being late for decorating at 10:30. 
Someone came in our room at 6am Saturday morning & said she felt sick!! WHAT- I KNEW this would happen! About 30 mins later she got sick 2 times & that was it. She took a 3 hour nap & then was pretty much back to normal. Really? Of all the days? SIGH.
SO we had to re-book the party for this Sunday bc Saturday was already booked & now we have like 8 kids that can't come! Kinley will still enjoy her party tho & we can't wait to finally celebrate!

But seriously...

WHERE did my cuddly, sweet, fussy, colicky newborn baby go!? How has it all gone by so fast? I still remember her delivery like it was yesterday, I guess bc it was the worst pain imaginable (lol, sorry Kinley) so those kinda things don't exactly leave your memory too quickly. . but it really seems like she was in my arms for the first time just yesterday! All these birthdays are piling up so fast! Kinley is so SMART & independent, outgoing & shy all at the same time.. sassy & full of attitude! But most of all she is THE best big sister to Presley that I could've ever imagined! She loves her more than her dress up clothes & that is saying A LOT!  I know that we are so blessed to have her in our lives. I can't wait for her to start school & really come out of her shell & watch her grow through the years. She's going to be a firecracker.. a bank breaker & a heart breaker ;) We love you very much Kinley Renee & hope you have a HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY!!!

1st birthday picture

5th birthday picture

See...I told you she's sassy & loves her dress up clothes!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Go Panthers!

This was the end of the cheer camp Kinley participated in- yep you guessed it, I'm way behind on blogging it.
This was Friday, October 5th at the MHS vs Temple game!

SO cute, I wish I knew all these girls!

 Someone was really into it!

Cousin Emily (in black shorts)

This seriously cracks me up! This was at the end of a cheer & she was doing that jump the cheerleaders do.. expressionless.. ha!
Sweet Presley just taking it all in. She did get scared when the game started & we had to leave. Promised Kinley we would take her back to another game tho, without sissy...