Monday, March 26, 2012


I'd say that Im behind on blogging as usual.. but there hasnt really been much to blog about! I've been at home with Presley, Kinley's been at school & home some days, & daddy's been working. That is the jist of our lives right now :P
This past weekend we took the girls to have their pictures taken in the bluebonnets. There is an amazing field near our house & Kinley just had a little blast :) Here are some of the best shots..

Monday, March 12, 2012

1 month old!

My gosh where does the time go!? I can't believe Presley is ONE MONTH old today! Seems like yesterday I was fat & miserable at 9 months pregnant! She has really changed our lives for the better..I really never knew I could love another kiddo as much as I love Kinley! She has brought so much joy to us, especially her big sister :) I can't wait to see what the coming month brings!

At her 2 week appointment she was 9lbs 2oz and 21in. I'm sure by now she is 10lbs or more! She is still in Newborn clothes..some 0-3 month. She can still wear Huggies newborn diapers but fits into size 1 diapers as well.
She's eating 3oz every 3hrs (sometimes she just can't make it to 3 hrs)! And her sleeping pattern.. sometimes she goes to sleep at 11 and wakes up at 3 and 6.. sometimes she goes to sleep at 1 and is up every 2 hrs. She usually sleeps hard from 7am-10:30am.

I guess we will compare her to her owl to see how much she grows over the months! I couldn't spend $40 on a big stuffed animal!!

Happy 1 month baby girl!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Home Sweet Home

I am finally getting around to posting house pics. I've had a few friends ask to see them so here they are! I had to wait about a month to get Presley's pink shelves in! And my friend Kate made her letters & just brought them to us last night - so I wanted to have it all complete before I posted any pictures :)

I really do love how it all turned out! Everyone was worried about the blue walls but it really broke up the pink nicely!

I think this lamp is what sold me on this collection- I just love it!

I love the tree decal, it really makes the whole room :)
Can't forget these critters!

Her bedding
Kinley's PINK room!! I love it & she does too :)

Still have some decorating to do in here- just hard to find stuff to match!
The girls bathroom

Guest bedroom
Living room

Mud Room
The formal dining room.. will be getting curtains made very soon :)
We went round & round with the builder over this stupid light! He told us with the breakfast light he would hold off on hanging it until we got our table in so he could center it. So I told him to do the same thing with this one.. 3 different times and he still hung it in the wrong place. It was about 8 inches off so we had to have the electrician come back and redo it. The medallion was not a part of the house originally but we needed something to cover the 'scar'..ugh! So we found this one on Amazon & I think it makes the room look even better! It will all be just perfect for me once the curtains get put up. My friends mom is going to be making them so it will take a little time.
The breakfast room
Jeffrey's room! I can't wait for baseball season!
The patio.. still a work in progress! Getting our TV in a couple of days to put out there. And I still want a smaller bistro set to put out on the other side of the patio. It will get there :)

Splish Splash!

Presley had her first sponge bath with the help of big sister! She really enjoyed it & didn't even make a peep!

Staring at big sis!
And then last week after her cord fell off she had her first real bath :) She thought it was pretty cool I think!