Thursday, May 27, 2010

9 years

I know I have already done a Blast From the Past post but I just have to post more pictures from High School bc this month marks 9 YEARS that we have been out of school. I seriously can't believe next year is our 10 year reunion. I remember thinking our reunion would be SO far away when I was still in school and that I probably would NOT attend. It went by faster than I ever thought possible!!
But I have to say~thanks to Facebook I will attend the reunion next year! Sounds silly but I have talked to so many classmates on there that I didn't even talk to in school. So I think that makes it not so weird. I'm actually looking forward to it!
So many things have happened in these past 9 years. We started dating 11 YEARS ago this July & we got married 5 years ago in June. I had Kinley 2 1/2 years ago... where does the time go!?
We have so many memories from high school~it's where it all began! Plenty of bad ones but lets focus on the good here :)

Corrigan~junior year
South Padre~I think the summer before our Senior year.
Oh boy, Homecoming 1999
Junior Prom.. Me & Cammy

Senior Prom
The boys at Graduation.. Alex, Jeffrey & Chris
Our Senior Trip~ we took a cruise to Mexico
Snorkling at Xcaret..uh coldest water Ive EVER been in! I don't know how we were all still smiling!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Makin Plans

We have one BUSY year ahead of us! I know I couldn't be more excited tho :)
We LOVE to travel. I wish I could just quit work & travel everywhere!!
I guess we can look forward to that during retirement tho.. 30 yrs from now!
Anyway, here is the lineup:

For our 5th anniversary on June 4th we are heading down to Fredericksberg for some wine tastings & just time to relax. We are staying in a really cute & stylish cabin for 2 nights.

Since the next trip after Fredericksberg will be our first trip leaving Kinley for 5 nights..we are taking her to Sea World for some FUN before we leave. I think she's going to love it!!

I have a conference for work there so we are just making a vacation out of it! The in-laws are on board with us so after my 2 days of conferences we are just going sight seeing & doing whatever we want to do! Jeffrey & I went for our 8th grade trip with school- which was pretty cool but we still didn't appreciate it all like we do now.

In August we are going to VEGAS with some of our friends! We're staying at the Planet Hollywood (which I thought was a great location for a group of friends!)
We got an outrageously good deal on our 3 night trip so we just couldn't pass it up!
Last time we were there, I won $100 on penny slots & $150 on the Wheel of Fortune slot machine!

And now to the big vacation we REALLY can't wait for..

We are cruising on the Carnival Conquest in April 2011. We are going back to Atlantis (where we honeymooned), to Freeport Bahamas & then over to Key West! We booked an awesome room which we got at another good deal on since we booked so early! Cammy & Leon will be joining us & they actually got a room next to us :) This should be FUN!!!

Anyone else have any big plans coming up? I'd love to hear since we are always looking for something different/new to do with Kinley!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Splish Splash!

Kinley got to enjoy her little pool for a few minutes yesterday & she had a blast!
First time this year to suit up & enjoy some sun :)
I say a few minutes because it clouded up all the sudden & got real dark. So we packed it up & came back inside lol!
She was such a cutie though & loved her new swimsuit!

I just LOVE this picture...

There's her real smile :)

Splish splash!!
I had to get in on the action too...

Can't wait for more sunny days ahead!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Vanessa's Wedding

This is def the longest post I have ever done!
Last night we went to Vanessa & Jack's wedding in Evant.
Jack's family has beautiful land - these pictures do not even do it justice.
The wedding was so pretty & we had a great time with everyone. The weather held up even tho it looked like it was going to storm. They were so lucky!

My in-laws
Loved his cake!

Gotta go somewhere!!
Get it girl!

Cutting the cake!

Cousin Gary & Karen
Shawn & I

Ashlee & I ( a little blurry)
Jeremy & I (after I changed clothes!)
Heather & Emily (in her brothers shirt!)

*Also, if you could please say a prayer for the groom's friend. He was in an accident after the wedding & has some broken ribs, cracked spine & a collapsed lung.