Wednesday, May 22, 2013


My last few posts have been all about Kinley :P
She's just had a lot going on!
We started her in t-ball this past Spring & she has had a pretty good time with it. Here lately it' been hot so she hasn't been wanting to play. However, her last game she had a ball & was really into it! I hope the love continues, it would make this mama proud!!

Here are some pictures of pictures (again) of her team picture day.

Love the silly face picture!
Us girls on picture day

Playing first base. It makes her nervous bc they ALWAYS throw to first only.

And this is my friend Amanda with her little boy, Holdyn! Can't believe our babies are playing against each other now! Amanda has always been a sweet friend to me. She was a bridesmaid in our wedding & I worked with her for a few years back in our ACL days ;)

We aren't sure yet if we want to sign her up for summer ball. Since she had a hard time with the heat just in the Spring, Im thinking we may wait for fall when it's coach pitch!

Monday, May 20, 2013


Well, Kinley is officially registered for Kindergarten! I seriously can't believe it! She is 150% ready & waiting. Asks to go to her new school almost every day. I know she will do fantastic in school & she will be making new friends soon. I'm ready for the daycare payment to go BYE BYE, but not ready for her to jump into the real deal! Hello reality!
Only 4 more years until Presley starts & we can have MONEY of our own again!! ;P

Striking a pose before going in!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Miss Priss

A few weeks ago Kinley had some school pictures done. This was a new company that came in with dress up clothes & cute little props. I had no idea they would turn out this cute! 
These are just cell phone pics of the actual picture, so def not good quality here!

This was her favorite pose!

Mommy's favorite pose ;)
I die!
"No Mr. Camera man, let me show YOU how I want to pose!" I can see it now..

I am signing her up for Kindergarten today. I can't believe she will be starting in August.. tear!!!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day Weekend

I know I should've posted these before the Mother's Day post, but sue me ;)
We had fun the whole weekend!
Saturday we had to unload everything we had left from the storage building. Kinley has had a ball going through some of my old stuff like little league cheerleading pics, softball stuff including my all star pants she put on (crazy to think the last time I put them on I was 10-11 and now she's prancing around in them), yearbooks (who X'ed out his/her picture?) & trinkets that are now hers! 
Then we went to watch Dylan play some ball. 
We went home afterwards & played in their new water table & blow up frog pool. I put sunscreen on Presley all day but her face still got burned. I'm wondering if that was 1/2 her problem of not sleeping Sat night. 

She loves her new froggy that is bigger than she is!
Kinley posin

Dinner with Dolphin! She was so tired!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day!

My day started out a little rough ;) No one slept the night before.. at least not until about 3:30am. And then the girls got back up at 6:45am. I drug myself out of bed to get everyone ready for church. At 9:30 I get my clothes on (church starts at 10:30) & realize there is just crap all over my top. I try to scrub it down then put it in the dryer. Go to get it out of the dryer & it's 100% wrinkled now (weird fabric) so I had to rush to find something else to wear. Have I washed any clothes since we have been back from the cruise? NO! ;)
BIG breath..head out the door! 
We make it to church right on time. Kids did great going to Sunday school classes. 
I thought the sermon was great~I really needed to hear it! I'm sure most all the other mama's loved it too :)
After the service I walk in to get Presley & she had cried for first part & then fell asleep for the rest of the morning- poor baby! 
We headed to lunch at Chuy's with my Mom & Paul.. she was ok there, pretty fussy & was even crying through drinking her milk, lol! But it was still nice to have lunch with everyone! Our waitor was awesome & picked up Presley's cup, silverware, papers, menus, wipes, chips & whatever else she threw down! My wild child :D

Kinley made me this at church! So sweet!

My matching babies!

Presley says "you caught me in the act!"

After lunch we headed to my mom's for gifts! Presley slept for 2.5 hrs & was finally refreshed! 
A new purse & sparkle scarf ;)
Jeffrey got me Ranger tickets! Yay!

Then we packed up & headed over to Jeffrey's parents house! The kids had a fun time together as usual ;) We just hung out & snacked. 
We got the kiddos home & in the bath & I had to head to the grocery store at 8pm. Man that is the time to shop!!  Happy Mother's Day to me!

Hope all you Moms out there enjoyed your big day! I know I did & I am so blessed to have my little family. I am so thankful for the Mama's in my life~my own & my mother-in-law! 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Carnival Magic: Towel pets

I'm just going to brag & say that we had THE BEST room steward on the whole ship :D We saw him the 2nd day & he already knew our names & everything! Each time we saw him he would say "hello Jeffrey & Shelly..have fun today!" I wish I could've brought him home with us.. I really haven't made up our bed all week hahaha!! Can you say spoiled?
Anyway he of course left us towel pets each night with chocolates on our pillows! I know 2 little girls who would really get a kick out of these whenever we go back!

First night we had the monkey~my favorite!

I'm guessing a swan??

A crab.. along with the shells we picked for Kinley on the beach at Passion Island

Friday, May 10, 2013

Carnival Magic: 2nd formal night

For the 2nd formal night we "chose" to go to the Steakhouse instead! I say "chose" because I was told by a few people that the 2nd formal night would be on Friday after Cozumel. So I made the reservation (a month in advance) for Thursday after Grand Cayman. Turns out I was wrong & they fell on the same night. It was perfect tho- the Steakhouse is formal & they cater to your every need! We had a great seat right next to the windows & had a view of the ocean. So romantic :)
We ate at the one on the Conquest as well & both times it was the best meal all week! It is definitely tied with Cheeves Brothers in my book!

Our reminder ;)

Carnival pic of the Steakhouse

Our professional picture (pic of a pic- it's much better in person)!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Carnival Magic: The Islands!

Island #1~ Montego Bay
We aren't HUGE fans of Jamaica..the resorts there are beautiful but if you aren't on a resort it can be kinda scary! Lol! We planned to just take a shuttle to Margaritaville which was about 5-10 mins away from the dock.  We paid our $20 roundtrip shuttle price & off we went. We had a great time there & the views were just amazing!! I was a little disappointed that they tore their slide down that went from the restaurant into the water. Other than that it was great. We ate cheeseburgers in paradise & we were ready to go back to the ship. Only problem was we had 2.5 more hours until our shuttle was due back :/ So we paid another $10 & took a taxi back. Oh well!! We at least got in the pool with only a couple people in there!

That might be a tragic fall!

Island #2~ Grand Cayman
This place was SO nice & a world of difference from Jamaica! Two downsides from our stop here.. no dock so you have to be tendered in which made for an EXTREMELY long line getting back on the ship. And it was raining a little when we first got there. It blew over quick but we were left with dark clouds the rest of the day :( So we really didn't get to see just how pretty the water can be! It was pretty but still dark somewhat. Other than those 2 things we loved it! We went to Seven Mile Beach & just hung out. Can't wait to go back & spend more time there someday. They had a nice Four Seasons resort...maybe we should book that! HA!

The tender boats

Ours on the left, RC Freedom of the Seas in the middle & Carnival Conquest on the right.

I think Jeffrey just wanted a picture of the girls butt in the background! ;)

"A pirate flag & an island girl!"
Our view from Seven Mile Beach 

Island #3~ Cozumel
Surprisingly our favorite stop! We have been there before but it had been 12 years. This time it was sooo much nicer. They have built a new dock & shopping area just for cruisers. 
We shopped a little (finally) & then grabbed a drink at Fat Tuesdays (in swings staring at the ship!!) before we headed out for our excursion. 
We took a powered catamaran over to Passion Island. It was a 40 min trip there & docking was.. comical. But we made it! We had a free buffet style lunch (which was pretty bunk), free drinks & the most gorgeous beach & view ever! We didn't get as much time there as we originally planned bc the excursion started an hour 1/2 late :( The waves grew bigger & bigger as we were there & it got really windy. So going back was rough! We couldn't go as fast as we needed to so needless to say we were 35 minutes late getting back to the ship! We were suppose to be back on board at 5:30 with the ship leaving at 6. We didn't walk back on the ship until 6:05. Ooops. They had to hold it for us tho bc it was a Carnival sponsored excursion.. and there were about 250 of us!
It was a great day tho & we had such a blast!!
Ready for TONS of pictures?

This is the life!

Finally on the catamaran

Hey look another Margaritaville (We saw 3)
Gorgeous water

Passion Island

Time to leave :(

FERNANDO! He made our trip so much fun!

There's even more pictures on my facebook that I'm sure most everyone has seen! 
Up next: Another formal night & towel pets!