Friday, June 29, 2012

SUYL~Kids Bedrooms

Show Us Your Life~ Kids Bedrooms

Presley's room! I think it is my favorite room in the house. I love how it turned out~just as I had imagined. That never happens!

Two things that sold me on this collection~ the tree decal & her lamp!

My very sweet friend, Kate, made her letters. Normally I would put them over her crib but I really wanted the tree to be there instead. It's all cute tho & it worked out great :) She couldn't have matched the colors any better!

And this is Kinley's pepto room :) It's perfect for me her!

I have since put more on her walls~I just don't have the time to go take more pictures & upload them- sorry :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

A "sprinkle" for Jessika

This Sunday afternoon we went to my best friend Jessika's baby "sprinkle" was so adorable! Presley wasn't having much fun unfortunately but I think Kinley had a pretty good time opening all of "Jekkila's" presents! 

The guest of honor 

All the little ladies having a ball together!
(L-R: Hailey, Skye, Kenzie, Kinley, Hayden & Dylan)

Cute diaper cake & cupcakes!

"S" for Seeley Bliss!

Jessika with her mom & mom in law!

The girls having some yummy cupcakes & fruit!

Jess & sweet Skye~ so cute!

We can't wait to meet Seeley! She is going to be one spoiled little girl :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day Weekend

 This Father's Day weekend was a lot of fun! Saturday we went to the zoo with the girls. We tried to take Kinley over Spring Break & it was just JAM PACKED so we promised her we would go some other time. This weekend was that "some other time" & she was so excited! It was miserably hot tho so we kinda ran thru it all.. none of the animals were out anyway. That is the one thing I hate about the Waco zoo~ most all the animals are always up sleepin! Anyway Kinley had a good time & that's all that matters!

 After the zoo we headed over to my parents house. Jamie was in town with the fam so we let the kiddos go swimming (Kinley couldn't wait bc she was so hot at the zoo lol) & they just had a good ol time!
We gave Papa his present & tried to get a group it just never turns out anymore :P Macy Moo wasn't there but we were thinking about her!

And then Sunday morning we all slept late! The girls slept till 9am!! So Jeffrey got a nice treat sleeping in :) 
We got up & brought him his presents in bed & then I took the girls to get some donuts/kolaches & brought some home to Dad!

Kinley made this sweet present for him at school. She painted a coaster- how cool! She was very proud!
I picked him up some portable speakers that you hook the iPad/iPhone up to for the patio. We love our patio nights & don't have any tunes since we moved! 
Who knew cologne was so expensive these days!? That was going to be his gift but I took off runnin when the guy told me the price! So I got him some body spray & all of this for the same price as 1 little bottle!
  I also got him the new Glenn Beck book on the iPad. 

 I got the picture that the people take of you at the Ranger games framed. I had forgotten all about it & found the "fan photo" card they give you stuffed in my purse the other day! I actually liked the picture ~ & we didn't get one of the 3 of us the day we took Kinley to the game so I thought it was perfect. Just missing Presley :(

Jeffrey decided to break out the golf clubs & practice on his swing! Kinley thought that was pretty cool & had to join in! Couldn't stay out too long tho in this dang HEAT! And it's not even August yet!

My 3 loves!
We ended the night with dinner at BJ's with his parents :)

Hope you enjoyed your Father's Day, Jeffrey! We love you more than any words could describe! You have been the perfect husband for me & you are the perfect Daddy to our little ladies. XOXO
We also want to thank our dads for everything they do for us! I consider ourselves very lucky to have such great men in our lives!! Happy Father's Day!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Weekend Fun!

We had a pretty fun time this past weekend! 
Friday night Jeffrey & I met Kate & Corey at BJ's (our favorite place to eat, ever!) & we literally closed the place down! Our seating was at 8pm (for the "rehearsal dinner" before they officially opened) & by the time we visitied & ate it was 9:30 & we look around to see NO ONE in the restaurant but us! Us old folks just party too hard I guess!

Enjoying our night out

Saturday we enjoyed a day out by the pool! 
Kinley & Presley finally got swimsuits for this season~they were both pretty darn cute in them if I must say so myself!

Ready to get to PawPaw & Gi's!! [ No, she was not riding in the front seat~she just thought she could get away with it ;) ]
Sweet little Presley! Too funny~Gi's hair looks like it's Presley's!!

Miss Priss in her sweet little suit :) 

Unfortunaltey she didn't care for the water much. She spit up as soon as she got in & then thought it was time to eat! She was just super tired tho~after 3 minutes in the water she passed out for about 2 hours!

Kinley having a ball
Who doesn't want to cool off with a little pina colada!?

Cheers to the weekend!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Show Us Your Life-Kitchen Edition!

I love this kitchen- so much more than any other kitchen I've had! I've never had an island before now & I use it ALL the time! I love my double ovens- even tho I still have yet to use the bottom one, lol! 
The kitchen is where we do most all of our entertaining when we do have friends over! 

We have since put the "Home" sign up

One day the counters will be decorated more~for now its filled with bottles drying & formula/water! 

The breakfast room ~ we should have our window treatments finished next week!

My newest addition! I just need a piece of chalk & I'm all set!

Monday, June 4, 2012


We had a pretty exciting weekend! Saturday we had Camryn & Connor's birthday party at Sandy Lake Amusement Park in Carrollton. Kinley had a blast & rode all the rides she was big enough to ride! And then we headed over to Cammy's for Leon's 40th birthday & Tricia's (Cammy's sister) 30th birthday! 

The girls before heading out!

 Connor & Camryn's cake~man it was GOOD!! Oreo cake on top & to die for cinnamon roll on the bottom layer!

 Camryn checkin Presley out :)

 Kinley's first ride of the day~she LOVED it & it went SO fast, lol I wish I had video!

Her very 1st pony ride!

 Pres enjoying her time~she loves the outdoors!

 After their party we took Presley & headed about an hour away to Cammy's house. Kinley went back home with my parents~I knew she wouldn't be able to hang after a day in the heat!  
I didn't get any other pictures besides these of the cakes :( But we had a good time even tho we were only there for about 2 hours. Happy Birthday to Leon & Tricia!