Monday, January 28, 2013

Ranger Love

Friday was a pretty cool day! I had read earlier in the week that a few of the Ranger boys would be at Academy for the Winter Caravan so I surprised Kinley with at least 1 of her favorite players.. David Murphy! She takes after me, just a little! I was also very excited to meet Derek Holland :) 
We waited in the cold to get a ticket they started handing out at 3pm. Only 250 got tickets. Then we had to come back to get in line for the signing at 4:30. So to waste some time we went over to U-swirl :)

Kinley with her junk food yogurt! She looks 10 here :(

Next in line.. eeek!!

Holland was signing my cap & turned to a worker behind him & said "doesn't so & so have this cap!?" 
They were very talkative & interactive which I was hoping for Kinley's sake they would be!

Jeffrey met us in line & took some pictures :) Glad he did bc I couldn't take them fast enough. 
Kinley is getting a high five from Holland here..I really wanted to tell him to give me some Harry Caray action but I didn't :/

David Murphy...touching signing my cap.. DAVID MURPHY!
My fav :)

"Ma'am..stop taking pictures of me & TAKE YOUR CAP!!!"
Oh, my bad!


On to Brandon Snyder. He was actually the most fun to talk to. He joked about Kinley's pink helmet being from the "totally Rossom nachos" at the stadium.. Murphy asked how much I paid for it & I said like $16 .. he was like "OMG that's crazy!!" Snyder said "dude but its filled with pulled pork on the nachos.. " Love these guys!

I got a pic of him & he asked me why was I taking pictures w/o Kinley in them.. I was like CAN SHE?? He said sure, get over here!

But she was a little shy!

Did I mention David Murphy touched signed my cap? Ahhh Im never washing this again.. jk ;)

SO beyond ready for baseball season!!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2013


2013 is going to be a big year for the Oliver family!
We have 4 big milestones coming up that will be here before we know it. 
One of them I am sad but excited to see come. One I am totally dreading!

  • Presley turns ONE in 26 days! Man, that was a fast year! I know everyone says that but seriously - it literally felt like a blink of an eye!!! My sweet Pretzel will be a toddler!
  • This isn't exactly a "milestone" but just something we are SUPER excited about! Jeffrey & I are sailing off to Mexico at the end of April. We decided to take a big trip with the girls next year (ohhh I can't wait!) & to wait until Presley is just a bit older before we did a big vacation with them. 

  • We will celebrate our 8th anniversary on June 4, 2013. That seems so crazy to me! It feels like it's been only a couple years but at the same time it seems like much longer than that! I love him more with each day that passes. I love our love & we are so happy together! 

  • Now this is the one that I am sad yet excited about! Kinley will start Kindergarten in August & turn 6 in October. She will LOVE IT, I know she will. But that just means my little girl is growing up! I still remember my first day of Kindergarten & how scared I was. I sat next to a girl who wore a green dress with pantyhose & I thought it was weird that she was wearing pantyhose to school- LOL! The things we remember! But alas, the time must come - public schooling - not sure if I am ready for this!

  • And last but not least, the only one I am seriously dreading... 

Yep, I am turning 30 in August. Although I think I will be like the girl in "This is 40" & just say I'm turning 28 ;) 
D E N I A L! ! !

Cheers to 2013!

Monday, January 7, 2013


I have a love/hate relationship with daycare. I love it because it provides learning and social skills that the girls can't get at home. It provides a sense of independence, self confidence & routine. But on the other hand.. I just can't hardly face the fact that my baby has to go! I know it's good for her but right now, in the beginning, it's so hard to let her go! It's also been hard for her to let me go the last 2 times I've dropped her off :( She's clung to me like a little monkey & just cries! I know, previously working in daycare myself, that it takes a good 2-3 weeks to get used to being left by mom. 2-3 months from now she won't be looking back! I wish I could just win the lotto & stay home with her until she starts school (Kinley too but she's starting this year- OMG a whole notha story)! 
We are in a weird phase right now of getting her on to solids full time & making the transition to milk. She is the only one in her class who eats from a jar & on a bottle. She only has 2 teeth tho so I haven't been pushing the solids. She's been eating carrots, peas, green beans & little things like that pretty well. But they are serving chicken nuggets and such (cut up of course) to the babies in her room & I am a little behind I guess with the whole solids thing. I just want her to be little forever I guess ;) 

This was me peeking in on her first day. Someone else feeding her.. what??? 

I can't complain too much tho. We were lucky enough to NOT send her when she was 8 weeks old! My mom kept her from 8 weeks till now, almost 11 months old. I think I would have lost it had she gone at 8 weeks. Thanks mom for all the hard work (with both girls)!!! We wouldn't know what to do without you!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Kringle the Elf!

A few pics of Kringle & his shenanigans! Kringle is our "elf on the shelf" that we got this year! Kinley loved him almost as much as Santa!

My personal

OK not sure how else to turn the pictures? I turned it when I saved it to my computer.. I turned it in Picassa..what else can I do!?

 Aww!  Congrats Kringle!

Christmas Day

It's official, Presley's FIRST Christmas has come & gone! She didn't quite know what to think!
We actually had to wake the girls up (THAT NEVER HAPPENS) - it was rainy & stormy so everyone was sleeping great. But we had to be at PawPaw & Gi's for gifts before going to PaPa & Nana's so we couldn't sleep all day! Kinley jumped out of bed & said "SANTA!!!!!" So cute :)

Seeing her Easy Bake Oven & Scooter for the first time!

She was most excited about this.. but oh mother nature played a dirty trick!

Opening the present Presley got for her ;)

Yep, she loves it.. named it "Crystal CRUZ"

She helped Presley open the gift from her..

PawPaw & Gi's house for more presents!

Presley LOVES dolls!

Nana & PaPa's...
We got Camryn this cute horse set.. she loved it :D

 And Macy loved her microwave from us :D

All the kids minus Presley..aren't they cute?

Yea, not so much! JK, oh Kinley.. you are def our class clown!!

Christmas night was spent tearing into toys! Presley got a cool ball pit ~ I'm not sure who had more fun?!