Friday, April 26, 2013

The West Memorial

I was thankfully allowed to attend all of the West Memorial that was held on the Baylor campus yesterday. Baylor officials allowed fac/staff to attend without having to use vacation time. I was so thankful bc I really wanted to see this. I wish Jeffrey could've gone as well.. it definitely made me proud to be a Texan (as if I already wasn't?)!! It was a very emotional and nice farewell to those who died heroes.

Love this shot

Cute little girl 

Started out with the Patriot Guard Riders

Lots of applause for the West fire department

Got a seat inside. It was beautiful

Rick Perry 

President Obama

 Our thoughts and prayers are still with the families who lost their loved ones. They paid the ultimate sacrifice & died doing what they loved to do. What a way to go!! God Bless these men in uniform as well as their families. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ranger Game

This past Saturday we took Kinley to her 2nd Ranger game. Our buds Brian, Jaimye & Derik went with us & we had a great time! I wish we had season tickets..I'd go every weekend! We had great seats.. I picked them so that Kinley could see a lot of Cruz, her favorite player ;)

We stopped in West to check things out after the tragic explosion. It was also the day that they were allowing some residents to return to their homes so it was BEYOND crowded. We have never seen it like that. I told Kinley we would stop there to get her a baseball cookie.. the line was right at the door but I wanted to contribute. Jeffrey also left some money in their donations bucket in the connecting store. 

We got the stadium & snapped a couple pics before we walked in ;) And then we let Kinley go in the kids area to play. She found her a little friend & was off! It's a really cute place ~ I told her next time we go we will have to go earlier & let her play longer!

This slide was a huge bat!

Turned out dark but I think it's adorable still! Her excited little self!
The view from our seats

She loved her Ranger baseball PEZ from the gift shop.. she also got a  stuffed dog & a  stuffed monkey for Presley!

We had a great time & can't wait for our next game!


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

18 more days!

We are now in the TEENS! Just 2 1/2 more weeks until we set sail :) If you didn't already know, we were booked on the Triumph. After everything that happened they canceled our sailing & we made the switch to the Magic leaving out the following day. We are so ready! Heading to Montego Bay, Grand Cayman & Cozumel.

Someone else's pic of 7 mile beach in Grand Cayman. Ahhhhh ;)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Lost her tooth!

Kinley's tooth has been loose for about a week 1/2 or so, maybe a little less. It finally came out early this morning in her sleep! She was SO excited! Tonight the tooth fairy gets to pay her a visit!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Bunny

Nothing says procrastination like going to see the Easter Bunny the day before Easter ;)

But what a difference a year makes!!

Easter Sunday

We had a wonderful Easter this year. Jamie & the kids were not able to come down which was a big bummer, but we were still blessed with a great time. We rushed for the egg hunt first thing .. in our pajamas (which is why there are no pics!) because it was so dark out we were afraid it was about to start pouring. We got the eggs hidden & the hunt done.. and it cleared up. Go figure!
After a million pictures we headed off to church! Fellowship Bible off Speegleville Rd willl be our new home :) It was perfect for us & Kinley already loves her Sunday school teacher, Mrs. Elizabeth! My parents have been taking her there for a month or two now so we decided to stick with it!
After church we had a feast & some more opening of baskets :P 

My sweet little family!
The girls


Sweet sissy's!

Macy & the twins ;)
Papa & Nana with the grandbabies. Just missing Connor & Camryn!
Nana & the girls. P was just about DONE!
Sweet family pic of  us!
More gifts!
I won this onesie from Bella Claire Baby! 

Presley with her Daddy
 And I shall leave you with more pics of Kinley & Macy. You would think THEY were sisters :)

 Hope everyone had a HAPPY EASTER