Monday, April 23, 2012

Presley @ 2 months

 I am so behind on posting her 2 month pictures! She turned 2 months on April 12th. 
We took her to the doctor Friday, April 20th for her check up & shots :( She did pretty well I guess. She cried & stopped after the 1st one.. then came the 2nd one and she looked up at Daddy like WHAT is going on & then started screaming again..then I started crying haha! She was fine tho by the time we got her in the car. 

*She is 11lbs 2oz (60th percentile) & 23in long (60th percentile). They measured her head but it was wrong when they got it in the computer? So I'm not sure what that was. 

*Doc said she was at a 4 month old stage with her pulling up & standing on her own so well. Kinley was the exact same way at 2 months! 

*She is eating 4.5oz every 4 hrs.. or as close as we can get to 4 hrs! Still on HEB brand of Similac Sensitive.

*She's a great sleeper~ normally we put her down around 9pm and she sleeps till 4am. After she is fed & changed we put her back in her crib & I will normally have to wake her up at 7am to leave. We are not on a routine nap schedule just yet. She sleeps when shes tired, which is still a lot & she will let you know!

*She is a good baby & smiles all the time! She LOVES Kinley & will smile at her very easily! Most of the time we can get a few "coo's" out of her too :)

Here are her pictures, they were all taken with my cell phone so they aren't that great. Our camera just isn't working as well anymore :(

We love you sweet baby girl! Happy 2 months :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Bailey Reunion

This past weekend we had our Bailey family reunion. Baileys are my grandpa's side of the family. We enjoy our time with them since we hardly get to see them anymore. We had a good time visiting & catching up..eating great BBQ & watching the kids play in the jump house! I have a few more pictures that won't be making the blog or facebook! Mama needs to lose weight!

My Uncle Donald & Presley
Joyce & Presley
The Princess was pooped!
These pictures mean a lot to me! Johnny is my grandpa's brother. He is a jokester & always gave me a hard time growing up! He is such a great man.
At our last reunion.. Kinley was not quite 2 yrs old:)

I love attending our family functions.. but they make me miss my Mamaw & Papaw even more! They were such a huge part of my life & having reunions without them makes me miss them even more!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

My girly girls

I love being a mommy to girls! I always wanted to have a girl so I could dress her up & always have bows in her pretty hair :) God blessed me with 2 little ladies & I couldn't have asked for anything more! Boys would have been just fine~I would've loved to have had a "mama's boy" but I was just not made for boys! I love the big bows & tutu's! And you've all seen Kinley's bedroom! The more pink the better :)
I love how Kinley is with her baby sister. I wasn't sure how she would react or if she would always be jealous or mad at us.. but she is no where near that! She wants to be around her 24/7.. feed her, bathe her, hold her, kiss her.. you name it! Sisters have a special bond!

I also enjoy having them just 1 on 1. Kinley likes to always be on the go~ doing something fun! But 1 rule..she can't leave the house without a bow!

Presley is my little shopping buddy! She will be content in her stroller as long as she's moving! I can take her anywhere (so far)! Again.. can't leave the house without her bow! I can't wait to see her personality throughout the coming years!
I've been putting away Presley's newborn clothes - which were also Kinley's clothes too. I just tear up bc I know I don't need to save them for another girl. I saved SO many of Kinley's clothes in hopes that I would have another baby girl to dress. So it wasn't hard putting away her clothes! This time it is much different! Our family is complete now & I am ready for big family vacations, school days & heck just going places without having to pack the whole house!
Life is good!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Chicks

Our Easter was really fun.. even tho Kinley had to hunt all day by herself ;) She enjoyed not having competition HA! We got up & got dressed & hunted eggs as soon as we could!

And then she checked out what the Easter Bunny brought her...
She got a book that came with a tiara
Presley was pretty in pink!
Her very 1st Easter :)
Sweet babies
Giving her sissy bunny!
More hunting at Nana & Papa's
She found the prize egg!
After hunting she enjoyed some jelly bean cake she helped Nana bake.
Pretzel in the eggs!
Having fun with Sissy

Hope everyone had a happy Easter!

Friday, April 6, 2012

It's Ranger Time!

We are excited for Opening Day! We have been waiting on baseball season since we moved in so we can watch all the games in the media room & outside on the patio! We plan on taking Kinley to a game in May-she is really excited about going :)

Lets go Rangers!!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Birth Announcement

Presley is almost 2 months old & I just now sent out birth announcements :P What can I say, I've been busy & getting these pictures was NO easy task! But here they are.. I was SO thrilled with how they turned out! Jeffrey took all the pictures & my friend Amanda owns Hello Loves ~she made the cards (along with Presley's thank you cards & Kinley's 4th bday invitations). She did a perfect job~they are exactly what I had pictured in my mind.. & they match her bedding :)



Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Easter Hat Parade!

Kinley had her Easter Hat Parade today at school! She was so excited about this as usual! She got sick last year & couldn't go so this year she was really pumped!

Always striking a pose!

Kinley & Ava- their Grandma's have been best buds FOREVER!