Monday, January 30, 2012

37 week update

I had my appt on Friday the 27th. Doc said I am 3cm and 75% effaced now. She actually scheduled my induction date this time~for Feb 13th. Not sure that I will make it that far considering how things went with Kinley.. but every pregnancy is different so we will just wait & see :)
Our bags are packed & ready to go in case I go on my own. Now we are just waiting on Tuesday at 4pm to get to closing for the house so we can go get Presley's room ready!! FINALLY!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

House Progress

We FINALLY have a closing date for the house- Tuesday Jan 31. It has been a wild ride for me with not having a house and being PG living with in-laws & my parents :) Kinley hasn't been in her normal routine for 5 whole months & it has been stressful on us all!! But.. well worth it, right?! Right! Now if we can just get Presley's room all ready to go before she gets ready to go!! We plan on starting to move things in Tuesday night.. I'm not messin around! Presley's room is #1 on the list & then we can go from there.
Here are a couple pictures.. hard to take full pics of rooms and what not but you get the idea! More will come once we move in & find my camera!

Mailbox light got put on yesterday~it's the little things!

Our shower finally complete..
Drawers in my closet finally finished!
The mancave/playroom! I wish I could get a full pic of this room, I LOVE IT! It might just become the WOmancave!
Presley's room! I know, it's blue.. no, Im not having a boy. It's going to kinda be the 'sky' is what I have in mind. Her bedding has lots of pink so it will break it up :)
Kinley's room on the other hand.. I didn't know what to do with it! Her bedding is pink/brown but she wanted her room painted too. I didn't want it ALL pink bc there is so much pink in her bedding. So I still needed it broken up. SO we matched the brown in her bedding & came up with this. Similar to the old house but much more dark. We will be painting again later when we change up the bedding~lol!! Oh well! Her new furniture is antique white so it will still break up a lot of it too.. old furniture (now Presley's) was brown.

Cross your fingers that we get in & somewhat settled before Presley gets here!~!

Monday, January 23, 2012

36 weeks

Sorry I have had NO pictures to upload to the blog or have anything interesting to talk about lately! Heck, I dont even know where our camera is! Guess we better find it before Presley is here! Which brings me to my reason for posting..
Went to my 36 week appointment this past Friday. I am currently 2cm dilated & 70% effaced! Not sure if I will make it to my 39 week induction but still hoping that I will. I am confused as to why the doc won't schedule it? She told me last time I just have to be progressing first & then she would schedule it- which now I am & she still didn't make the appointment. So we will just wait & see what happens!!

Saturday was my "sprinkle" for Miss Presley! This was obviously taken with my phone.. more on that next :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Baby update

I went to the doctor this past Tuesday & since my appointments are not falling on the right weeks she wanted me to come in next week (at 36 weeks) to be checked. I can't set an appointment for the induction unless I am dilating bc I have no underlying problems.. so cross your fingers that I am at least a 1 by next Friday! She says she doesn't think I will have any problem dilating before 38 weeks bc I did with Kinley and this is baby #2 so things typically happen "sooner. " We'll see! Hard to believe our Presley is almost here!

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Kinley & Macy get along so well! Kinley is always trying to tickle her & make her laugh in some way! My sis says Macy doesn't laugh the way she does with Kinley with anyone else, lol! They are fun to watch...

Tuckered out :P

I hope Kinley gets along just as well with her little sister!!

Friday, January 6, 2012

34 Weeks

It's hard to believe that I will have this baby in 5 weeks! I really hope our house is done so I can get in and wash clothes, bottles, get her room ready, ETC! It's been stressful but we are hanging in there!
Here is the monthly survey!

1. How far along: 34 weeks

2. Weight gain: 16 lbs total

3. Movement: 24/7! She is going to be a wild child I can already tell!

4. Food cravings: None

5. Emotions: You really don't want to know!!

6. What I miss: Laying down/turning over/getting out of bed with NO pain, walking with no pain. I've been having a lot of pelvic pain. Doc said it is from a certain hormone that releases when delivery "draws near" (had this forever) and it loosens all the ligaments & is pretty painful. It feels like my pelvis has broken apart! It's pretty extreme at night.
I also miss having what little bit of social life I had! I don't want to do anything with friends - so, sorry if I have offended anyone :( LOL! Im just not into it feeling so big & uncomfortable.. no clothes to wear.. lol! I'll be back to normal soon!

7. Sleep: I'm sure u can guess after reading #6 that it is rough at night! I am def getting ready for no sleep when Presley is here bc I don't sleep much now.

8. Labor signs: No true labor signs. A couple nights ago I had one BH after another for about 2 hrs - then had one big one all the way up my belly but only on the left side. I've had them the entire pregnancy but they seem to be coming more & more now. This chickadee better stay put till we are moved in our house- lol!

9. Best moment of week/month: I guess Christmas in general even tho Presley isn't here. It was a much needed vacation & Kinley was excited! She was all about Santa this year!

10. Gender: Still our Presley Kate