Monday, May 30, 2011

Scratch that..

Our Mem Day weekend did not exactly go as planned. We still had a great time but no pictures!
On a side note~ Kinley is going to her follow up appt with the ENT doc to check on her throat. Should be a good appt although she started in with fever last night! Ugh, NEVER FAILS!
Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

We are so excited for Memorial Day Weekend! Alex will be coming home tomorrow & on Sunday a bunch of us are going to the movies & then having a BBQ at our house. We can Skype with him now that he is out of boot camp & combat training so that has been nice! But we have still really missed him. Hoping to see the new baby as well. Lexie was born on May 16 & we have seen many pictures~can't wait to give Alex gifts for her either :P
I will post pics after the weekend.. I know I have been slacking lately on blogging! I don't think I have taken a single picture with my regular camera since the cruise!
Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their week & has a fun/safe weekend!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Good Report

I took Kinley to the doctor this morning to get her stitches out (where her skin tag was). She cried a little when he took them out but she was fine before we left the office! He said her throat looked good & she won't be on the strong pain meds anymore, just regular Tylenol. She is still staying with Nana this week until she has the clear to go back to school.
Thank you to those who have prayed for her & sent well wishes, cards & prizes! She loves every one of you!!

This morning @ the doctor..

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


On Monday morning Kinley had her tonsils & adenoids taken out. I was a nervous wreck bc I just knew she was going to wake up crying & in pain. But she proved me wrong! She woke up & was a little weird from the anesthesia but she never cried & never said she was hurting. She didn't even cry when they took her IV out! Such a tough girl! The surgery took about 40 minutes total from the time they took her back to the time the doctor came to tell us he was finished!
She also had her skin tag removed from her ear. She has 2 stitches from that & it bothers her a little! We are going back Tuesday at 8:30 to get those taken out.
After she came home on Monday she took an hour nap & then it was all we could do to keep her calm! She was crazy .. I think the Tylenol & codeine pain medicine is getting her wired instead of making her sleepy!!!
After she is all healed up I'm REALLY hoping she will be cured of the sleep apnea & constant breathing problems. She is swollen right now so she's still stuffy & snoring when she sleeps.

Adenoids are behind the uvula in your mouth. Doc said these were also clogging her nasal passage when she sleeps- causing the snoring and gurgling as well as gasping for air. Her tonsils were also so swollen that her airway through the mouth was blocked :/
This is all about 2-3 hrs post surgery..
Nana & PaPa gave her a new build a kitty :) She named her Beachy bc she is SO excited to go to the beach in June!
Wouldn't catch me smiling after any kind of surgery! She is a trooper!
PawPaw & Gi sent her flowers & balloons with a teddy bear!

Mommy & Daddy gave her some balloons..
And Auntie M, Uncle Jeff & Macy gave her a Hello Kitty care package ..& a princess cup!
Lovin on her new friends!

Thank you everyone for your thoughts & prayers! Kinley did just fine & will be at home for 2 weeks recovering! I know she will be ready to get back to school after next week!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mothers Day

Mothers Day was pretty relaxing this year! We just went to my moms to see her & hung out for a little while & then we met Jeffrey's family for dinner at Ninfas ;)

My mama & I
The girls
Kinley being a nut herself..

I love this girl!

Kinley made me a sweet poem with her hand prints & made me a card at school! It's hanging on our fridge ;)
And Jeffrey got me the book I've been wanting for the iPad.. Two Kisses For Maddy!
I love my little family & am so proud at how far we have come. I can't wait to see what next year holds!

Saturday, May 7, 2011


These are 2 of our professional pictures I bought. The other one was on the Day 2 post at formal night.

Us in Nassau.. my hair was blowing & looks really stupid but I had to get it! The frame it's in was only $4 when you bought a picture :)
Key West

Friday, May 6, 2011

Towel Pets!

These things were my favorite :) I thought I got a picture of ours every night but apparently I forgot a couple nights :/

Sting ray
Swan? King Cobra? lol
Puppy dog? Elephant?
The last nights..

Putt Putt

One day we went up top & played putt-putt! It was pretty fun but the course was really small lol! And we got behind 2 bozo's who took 500 million shots at ONE hole!!
Still, I'd love to play putt putt every day at the top of a cruise ship if I could :)

Tiger Woods..

Our Dining Room

Our dining room was called "The Monet Restaurant"

I loved it & was glad we got that one. We were on the top level & could see everyone!
Although I never really enjoyed my food at dinner (Im not a fancy eater) I still wanted to go every night to experience it. Our waitor was good~not really entertaining until the very last night- go figure! But he did a great job. The matre' d didn't do anything either which was kinda disappointing. But overall it was a very nice dinner each night that we went!
We made reservations at the Point Steakhouse one night & man was it GOOD!! Best meal any of us had all week!

The entrance to our dining room.. the sunflower atrium
We got free champagne at dinner the last night bc Carnival was celebrating its 100th ship with the sailing of the Carnival Magic the next day.

Us 4..the boys & their shorts..tisk tisk!
This one is hard to see but the cruise director is on the left with the microphone & the Captain is on the right
Some of the waitors dancing for us!

Our waitor finally loosened up the last night & did some fun tricks for us..

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Key West

We arrived in Key West on Friday morning bright & early! It was definiatley the hottest place we had been to, surprisingly! We walked A LOT which didn't help my kankles! We walked down Duval Street which had tons & tons of shops & restaurants! We checked out Sloppy Joes bar & then ate lunch at Hard Rock. I had to swtich flip flops there bc the ones I had on were digging into my swollen ankles.. then I didn't match & I was freakin out, ha!!
It was actually pretty hard to find a key lime pie shop which was the ONLY thing I had on my list to do there! We finally found some at some ice cream parlor..but it was still yummy! I can now say that Ive had key lime pie in Key West..check that off the bucket list :)
It was a gorgeous place & I would LOVE to take Kinley there & vacation..but we were really glad to get back on the boat! We were drenched with sweat & very tired! And by this point all 4 of us were really missing our babies!

Of course the Royal Wedding was playing on the big screen that morning!
Beautiful Key West
I really wanted one of these wind thingies & was going to get one on my way back to the ship.. but forgot :(
The oldest house in KW
Where I got my Key Lime Pie :)
Dressed up for dinner that night :)