Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Diaper Shower

I am so late on posting this! Our good friends threw us a diaper shower a couple weeks ago. Cammy and I are due 2 weeks apart from each other so everyone decided on having one together :) A big thank you to our sweet friends for doing this for us! I appreciate everything!

The adorable cupcakes!
Cake balls
We got these cute hats for the girls, can't wait to get Presley in it!

I hate that I didn't get a group picture :/ But all the girls worked so hard on putting it all together, thank you so much for everything!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Eve

We did Christmas with my family on Christmas Eve this year so Jamie and the kids could be home for Christmas morning. We all had a good time & the kids had a ball!

The kiddos- poor Macy lol
The Grandkids gave Nana & PaPa a calendar-their year in pictures!
Macy jammin out!
Kinley had seen this dancin baby on TV a million times & HAD to have it! It is pretty cute!
Camryn got one too!
A home for her princess barbies!
Macy got her some TOMS..
Dancin with her baby!
Uncle Alex brought her a gift too...
Ha.. trying to get a pic with the grandkids- just wait till Presley gets in the mix!
And Christmas Eve night Kinley put out cookies for Santa. We never had time to make ours so we bummed from Nana ;)

Christmas Day

Christmas morning I had to wake Kinley up (never have to do that!) bc she had been up ALL night long with a bad cough- none of us got any sleep..probably the last hour or so before my alarm went off! She was still excited to get up and going tho! Macy was here too for Christmas morning so Santa left lots of goodies for both of them!

Kinley running to her loot!
After we opened gifts at home we went over to PawPaw & Gi's for more!
She got a cool pink TV for her new room
Both Kinley & Emily got this beauty salon..they had fun doing each others hair!
Love this picture, just wish Kinley was acting right & smiling!! :)
After PawPaw & Gi's we came back to my moms for lunch & to NAP since we didn't sleep the night before :P

Jeffrey & I got her this brides dress for her play in- I knew she would love it but she literally wears it ALL THE TIME! At least she loves her presents :)

Thursday, December 22, 2011


This past weekend was SUPER fun! Friday we had a chinese christmas with our friends at their house. I didn't bring my camera tho & I dropped my cell phone on the floor underneath the couch so it sat there all night until we got ready to leave- ugh! It was really fun tho- we got home with a bottle of wine & some cute mugs with spoons for coffee/hot chocolate :)
Saturday my parents treated us to a day in Grapevine- the "Christmas Capital of Texas"..and it was a blast! We decided to do "ICE-Shrek the Halls" at the Gaylord instead of the Polar Express. I'm glad we did- the kids were just beside themselves! It was COLD- especially in the ice sliding room- but we loved every minute of it!
Sunday I had a joint diaper shower with Cammy. Given by my long time high school friends. That is another post tho :)
Here are our pics from Grapevine- it is a LONG post but I wanted to include everything :)

We waited in a few lines to get into ICE.. and this was entertaining us in 1 of them- light show!
A quick pic with Daddy before going in!
Getting in her parka!
She LOVED Puss in Boots so she had to have her picture with him!
Ok, I tihnk this is my FAVORITE picture lol- her face is whited out but this is Kinley in a nutshell...thought it went along well with goofy Pinocchio!
Donkey! Mommy's favorite!
Nana & PaPa with the grandbabies..minus Connor (& Macy didn't get to go)..
Camryn hated her coat & cried a lot :( But she still had fun!!
My sweet baby with Shrek's babies!
Beautiful nativity scene
After ICE we did SNOW..lol! Snow tubing- it was so fun but kinda disappointing. The ticket was good for 10 rides but they only let u do 2 and they take the tube away & tell u to go get back at the end of the line...which is about 30 mins long! So they only went twice & Kinley cried :( Oh well!
After ICE/SNOW we walked around the Gaylord & snapped some pictures. .
I ran into an old friend of mine, Lacy! We played years of softball together & were best buds back in the day! She has a sweet little boy now that Im glad I got to meet! Check out the background- is that guy proposing??
Then we stopped for drinks & the kids ran around & played..got a cute shot of them :)
We left the Gaylord & headed downtown where the rest of the festivities were. Kinley & Connor went "ice skating" .. although it was NOT ice! It was just a plastic board with flat ice skates. No one could get off the walls & enjoy themselves. Thank goodness it was only $10 for J & K to go. But, she still had an ok time doing it!

And then we walked our way down to the light show at the Gazebo with a stop in the manger first..haha!

Thanks Nana & PaPa for such a fun day! I hope we can make it back every year!