Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Our Thanksgiving

We spent Thanksgiving day with Jeffrey's family & did it with my family on Saturday.
I got pics on Thurs but none on Sat! We had a wonderful Thanksgiving tho with both sides & I wish we could do it more than just once a year!

Kinley, Mark, Dylan & Emily playing football!
The family pic
One of the prego girls! Sara & I. I was 27 weeks 6 days then, I think Sara was around 19 weeks.
Daddy & Kinley- love this one ;)

Hope everyones Thanksgiving was as good as ours!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Jeffrey!

Today is Jeffrey's 29th birthday!! I seriously can't believe we will be 30 so soon! OMG!
We had a fun little celebration for him on Sunday night. We took him to our storage building where both of his presents (from me/kinley & his parents) were hiding! They were too big to wrap so they had to hide somewhere :) And then we headed over to Ninfa's for some yummy dinner. Hard to believe we have spent the last 13 of his 29 birthdays together :) I hope we have many more ahead to celebrate & I can't wait for Presley to be able to celebrate his big 3-0!!

Kinley & Daddy- she was SO EXCITED for him to open his presents ;) She kept a very good secret for 2 days!

Kinley & I got him this gun cabinet he's been wanting.
And his parents got him the bar he wanted for our media room when we move in. Who wants to come party w/ us ;)

Happy 29th Birthday, Jeffrey! We hope your day is perfect! You are such a great husband & do so much for Kinley & I. I am such a lucky girl :) I love you!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Presley in 3D!

After breakfast with Santa we headed down to Killeen to have our 3d/4d ultrasound done of Presley. The tech doing it was so nice & really took her time. In fact we paid for a 15 min session & got 21 minutes of DVD ;) She looks like her sister but a little more like me this time around. She is a good mix of me & Jeffrey where as Kinley was ALL daddy! I tried to pick the best ones out of about 65 pictures...

Her mouth is open in this one...

At the end she opened her eyes for us but she didn't get a good shot of it. And her legs were crossed like a little lady- no shot of that either but it sure was cute ;)

And this is her big sister when we had hers done! I think they look alike but only time will tell! (not sure why this keeps coming up as a link.. can't fix it!!!)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Breakfast w/ Santa

On Saturday morning we took Kinley to have breakfast with Santa at Chick-Fil-A in the mall. She had a BLAST & enjoyed seeing friends!

Skye & Kinley waiting in line
The set up
The cow came out first for a visit!
Here comes Santa Claus, here comes Santa Claus!
Kinley was the 1st one to sit with him, she was beyond excited!!
Peyton & Santa having a deep conversation...
The last thing they did was a parade down the mall. They went to the chocolate factory & got a treat & then headed down to take pics with Santa if they wanted (nice ploy)! They turned on the 'snow' for the kids to play in & Kinley/Skye really had fun with that!

Audree & Kinley ready to get the parade going!
Playing in the snow!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I Am Thankful

There are so many things we all have to be thankful for. Most of which we take for granted like our freedom. With the whole world seeming to be falling apart these days, I am that much more thankful for my freedom & thankful for all of our Military. I guess with Alex being a Marine & giving us the insight into it all- really makes us even more thankful.

As usual, I made my little list of things that I enjoy every day & am thankful for:

*Jeffrey & Kinley~ I wouldn't be ME without those 2! I am so thankful God put them into my life to stay :)

*Presley~ Even tho she is not here yet, I'm thankful that I have been able to carry her & I can't wait for her to show me that it is possible to love another child as much as I already love Kinley!

*Family~ Without family we would have a hole in our lives. They complete our happy little circle!

*Friends~ Sometimes u just need another shoulder to cry on or an ear to talk in! I have had my friends for such a long time & I'm thankful for all of them. Whether it's to have someone to lean on or just to have the girls (and guys) to have fun with.. I'm glad we have them!

*Our new home~ it is what we have worked for & even talked about since we were in high school. I'm so thankful we had the opportunity to start the next chapter in our lives. To many it is viewed as "materialistic and not necessary to live a happy life" but to us it is a part of raising our family & something we have always strived for & worked hard to have. Jeffrey moved a LOT in his childhood & I didn't have a house that I called "home" and grew up in until I was about 10. So it is something we want for our family. I don't want to move my kids around from house to house - I want to be able to live here & have their friends over & have Holiday get togethers at our house. It is not materialistic to me, it is a part of how we want to have our kiddos raised.

*Our jobs~ so thankful that we have them, period! We all know how hard it is to find jobs today. Jeffreys job is wonderful. They are so good to him & he loves what he does. I think that is rare these days. I love my job as well, I love all the people I work with. We are one big family here- that is not something many people can say!

*Happiness~ I am very thankful that I am happy in my life & have everything I need to be happy. It's really the little things that count!

*Doctors~ Sounds silly but I am also thankful we have doctors. They have brought Kinley into this world & helped her when has been so sick. And kept me safe during both of my pregnancies. What would we do without them?!

* Rangers & Colts~ What can I say.. they both make me happy as a lark..even tho one lost the last 2 World Series & the other hasn't won a game this season-lol. I think we all know the importance that Peyton has on the team ;)

*Movies~ Oh I'm so thankful for them! We are a movie loving family & there's not many we can't quote :)

*Kirklands & Hobby Lobby~ Ok NOW my materialistic side can come out! I could shop all day long in either store- they make me one happy chick!

*Vacations~ I don't know anyone who isn't thankful for a vacation! Whether we take 1 a year or 5 a year (I wish), I am thankful for anything we get to do! I enjoy taking Kinley to new places or just spending time with Jeffrey. It's time to reload & just be happy!

*Holidays/Christmas spirit~ Yea, I am a huge Halloween fan.. but is there really anything better than the Holidays? I am thankful that we can enjoy our family time during them & watch MOVIES (can u say Christmas Vacation?) & of course see Kinley's face on Christmas morning!!! And I think overall that people in general are just more pleasant (I'm sure most retail folks would highly disagree with me there)!! Can't forget black friday~ it is one of my favorite days of the year!

*Memories~ This is probably one of the main things I am thankful for. What would we do without our memories? They are there when the camera or recorder wasn't & no one can ever take them away from us.

I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving~so hard to believe it is NEXT WEEK!! This whole year has just flown by! I know I will be thankful to only work Monday & 1/2 day on Tuesday next week :) Gobble gobble!!!

Friday, November 11, 2011

26 weeks

Here is my monthly survey I promised to all of u that even read this lol! And sorry, no pic!

1. How far along: 26 weeks

2. Weight gain: 12lbs @ 25 weeks

3. Movement: TONS- she's a mover & a shaker! Last appt I had she kicked the doppler off my belly~the doc laughed at her ;)

4. Food cravings: None really.. if I think of something good then I really want it but that's not too much different from my normal self lol

5. Emotions: Times are pretty stressful right now with building our house, not in our usual routine, hormones & just being uncomfortable!

6. What I miss: Bending down!

7. Sleep: Ugh.. most nights I'm tossing & turning all night long which hurts the belly. Or I will sleep all night till about 4 and then I'm in & out of sleep until my alarm goes off.

8. Labor signs: I've been having a load of braxtons. Doc said if I have more than 4 in 1 hour that last a minute long to let her know.. most of the time they are only 10-30 seconds long with few that are a minute. I'll just update her when I got back on the 1st (which is also glucose testing time).

9. Best moment of the week/month: Last week Jeffrey & I were laying on the couch watching a movie while Presley was playing soccer. Jeffrey could really feel her kicking & he started talking to her & she would kick back at him ;) It was really cute. Another day a couple weeks ago Kinley was laying in bed with me & she was feeling her kick as well. So sweet :)

10. Gender: Hoping it's still a girl lol! We go for the 3d ultrasound next weekend so they will tell us again the gender :) But for now it's still my Presley Kate!!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

4 year well check

Jeffrey & I took Kinley to the doc yesterday for her 4 year well check. She got a great report & also had to have 5 shots :( I thought about splitting them up since I had to add the flu shot on top of everything but Jeffrey thought we should just get it all over with & not make her go thru it twice. And the doc said it would be much harder to get her to come back a 2nd time. SO 5 shots she got :( She did good tho, cried but I think it really scared her more than anything. My poor baby!! I really don't want to do all of this over again with Presley- so sad!

Kinley before school~smiling & has no idea what is in store later!
At the doc~still smiling!
And afterwards~ice cream makes anyone smile!

She is 44lbs and 44 inches tall! Easy enough to remember! She's got 20/20 vision & is right on track with her development & learning. Yay for no more shots till she's 12!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Night Time Pull Ups

So I was just hoping to get some input from all you other moms (or dads) out there.
We tried for about 2 months to get Kinley out of pull ups at night time & went back to putting her back in them :/ She did good the first week (or less-ha) & got up to tell us she needed to go. And then EVERY night since we were changing sheets & blankets in the middle of the night. With me being PG & already not sleeping much we decided she really wasn't ready & I didn't need to be up every night since it took me like another hour to fall back to sleep.
So I was wondering if anyone elses kids were having this "problem" too or if anyone is even trying it? Or are they fully potty trained at night? Kinley has been potty trained since she was 2-almost 3. It's just night time that is a problem. Some nights she stays completely dry & sometimes she is soaking wet in the morning so I dunno! My wish was to have her completely off of the pull up bill before Presley came! But it's just not going to happen. We would even set our alarm at 1am to get her up- sometimes it worked & other times she would wet herself at 10pm! We stopped her drinking after like 6:30pm & she would always go right before bed. . the girl just has to tinkle a lot I guess lol!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

House Update

The brick & stone was delivered last week & I believe they started bricking on Friday the 28th. The brick seems a little lighter than I thought it would be, but I'm still fine with it- I think it will look great when it's all done. I'm also hoping the stone is right- looks pretty white compared to the house we got it from ;) But I will let them do their job & prove me wrong! We got the cabinets picked out so when those are ready we will have to pick out the color stain we want for them. Shouldn't be too hard for me!
Things are moving along- cross your fingers that it is DONE by December so I can get Presley's things ready to go! Im SO ready to get her room done NOW!

Here are some pics we snapped of the beginning stages of bricking..

I just can't wait to move in & make it our HOME. I see so many holidays, birthdays & just happy times with my little family here. This is gunna be where our kiddos grow up & make neighborhood friends & trick or treat on Halloween & wake up every Christmas morning! I can't wait! Nothing can be more joyful than that :)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Emilia's 1st

This past Sunday was Emilia's 1st birthday! All us girls brought our kiddos over for some Halloween fun- Carrie really outdid herself! Kinley loved the bounce house & all the goodies of course! They wore their costumes but I didn't put Kinley in hers bc I knew she would have a hard time running around in her Ariel dress & wig. We still wore Halloween clothes tho ;)

Kinley excited for the party!
Sweet sweet Emilia in her hula girl costume..
Sweet little Jaedyn in her scarecrow costume..
All the goodies- so cute!!

These were deviled eggs & the legs were olives that were cut up! So crafty!
I LOVED these! She had witch feet hanging from the trees..
Present time! This time Kinley had no interest in opening the gifts for her.. she was swinging with batgirl instead!

Happy Birthday, Emilia!