Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Bachelorette

Alright all my Bachelor/ette buddies.. who are you routing for?
Since Frank left, I don't think she picks anyone. I think Frank was her pick (for whatever reason I will never know!) so I don't think she chooses either of them. I hope I am wrong tho, no one wants another Brad Womack :)

Roberto would be my #1 choice!

Chris L is Mr. No Personality..not sure why she kept him around?

We'll see next week!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


So last Wednesday Kinley had her very 1st dance class :) It's a "mommy & me" class so I didn't get to take a whole lot of action shots but she LOVED it! She is so excited for this Wed to get here! Audree & Skye are both in her class & she thought that was too cool!
I can't wait to frame this one

Skye Bear!

Little Miss Audree posing with Kinley

I hope Kinley continues to enjoy Dance bc I would love to see her keep it up, it just melts my heart!!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

1997 trip to DC

This would be our class trip to DC!
Click on it and make it bigger :)
Notice how my teacher is on both ends of the top row?

I am on the 2nd row- 9th one over (center). Jeffrey is 2nd row- 2nd one over.
We didn't even really know each other then! Funny how things turn out!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Washington DC ~ Day 4 (Tuesday)

Tuesday we saw the Pentagon, the Air Force Memorial (wow!), Iwo Jima, Arlington National Cemetary & the Holocaust Museum.

After 9/11 they blocked off all entrances to the Pentagon. So we could only stop for 1/2 a second to take a picture. As you can see on the right side, they are still working on some things from the plane crash.

This is kinda hard to see but in all those trees is a memorial for 9/11.
This is the Airforce Museum. I believe it was unveiled in 2006. It was beautiful.

Then we got over to Iwo Jima. I never realized how detailed this thing was!

Arlington National Cemetary:
General Lee's house
We were heading up to Kennedy's grave & they stopped everyone & told us we could not go any further. We finally figured out they were having a funeral..but it was RIGHT by Kennedy so it had to have been someone high ranked. I thought it was Senator Byrd first but he wasn't buried until we got home. Obama attended this funeral as well- so we got a shot of Marine One.

Holocaust Museum..

Me & my beau at the Old Ebbit Grill..built in 1856. Lots of Senators & Presidents mingle in there, so we kept an eye out but didn't see anyone :/
Meet your new President!!

Archives of the United States

The Archives was probably my favorite place. It is so surreal to actually see the Constitution & the Declaration of Independence. I thought it was even cooler to see their original signatures. As the guard was talking to us about the documents he mentioned there was no photography allowed- a new rule that started 4 MONTHS AGO! Ugh.. but I snuck in a picture anyway- nothing major tho. And he told us that nothing from National Treasure was actually filmed there :( Busted my little bubble!

This is the picture I snuck with my cell phone..all you can really see is half of the mural. Everyone is checking out the documents.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Smithsonian (part of day 3)

The Smithsonian took up most of our time on Monday & there were so many pictures! I tried to pick out the best ones we got..

Welcome to the National Museum of American History- My personal favorite!
This one is for my stepdad..Archie Bunker's chair
Apollo Ohno's skates
The original..
Yours truly with the original ruby slippers! I almost died at this point- I had no idea these were here! Kinley loves this movie almost as much as her mama :)
I didn't know this was here either.. a tour of all the inaugural gowns worn by the First Ladies.
I loved this- if you can click on the picture you should read it (if you love Laura Bush)
Barbara's: (don't you just love how 80's it is!?)
Michelle's bling:
Michelle's Jimmy Choo Shoes! I love saying that. The woman has some big ol feet!
Michelle's (it looked so much prettier on her):
Mamie Eisenhower's (MUCH prettier in person):
But this was my favorite part of the day- the original "star spangled banner"...no pictures were allowed - and it was in a huge enclosed case that was barely lit- but just enough to catch it's real beauty..oh I just can't even describe it!
They had an APOLLO part too that was pretty cool but I didn't upload all those pics!
LL Cool J's get up:
They are ignoring you, honey!
Walking over to the Natural History part..

National Mall
And over to the Air & Space Museum- sorry but wasn't a fan..

Yes, there are more pictures to come! Stay with me!