Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Little Ice Skater

This past weekend we took the girls (and my mom) to my sisters in College Station. Kinley's been in awe of the ice skaters in the Olympics & she will prance around like she's on the ice at home! So we decided to take her ice skating in CS. They have a really nice rink & I WISH we had one here. She did so great & I was shocked at what a natural she was.  :)
On a sad note.. someone apparently took off with her Justice jacket she just got! SAD SAD SAD! 

And here is a short video of her & her Daddy.. so many people it was hard to get one of just them.


Thank you to my mother in law for making Kinley her cute suit! She loved it! And thanks Sis for keeping Presely while we went skating!! 

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Delores said...

Glad she had a good time. That suit was a trial run....I'll do better on the next one:-)