Wednesday, September 10, 2014


For Kinley's graduation present we surprised her with a 4 day cruise! 
She had been begging & begging to go on one since Jeffrey & I had been alone on the last 2. 
So needless to say, she was completely shocked!
We left the weekend after graduation which was June 12, 2014.
My mom went with us which was a big help! 

This post is mainly the 1st day & our stop in Cozumel.

Nana & the girls waiting to board!
I think this is my favorite picture from the whole trip!
Presley's 1st pic on the ship
Kinley checking things out
Docking at Cozumel
Fun pics getting off the ship!

Kinley saw her & ran for a pic before I could unleash Presley. Yes, I said unleash.

Sissy getting her hair braided. She only wanted ONE strand done. Good thinking kiddo bc it took her 20 mins just to do one strand of hair! 

She's def not my shy kid!

The beach at Playa Mia. This place is awesome!

Break time!
For the adults too!
Packing up to head back to the ship :(
The Triumph waiting for our return. We really didn't want to leave!

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